fall speech and language activities long pinIt’s always great to have activities that can be incorporated with the time of the year.  So, I went in search of some fall freebie ideas for your therapy rooms.

First off, I was dabbling over at Speech Peeps blogspot and found a great articulation activity involving trees, Q-tips and paint.  Check out her post and freebie tree download HERE.  I love that it incorporates art and lots of artic productions!

Next, I found some Fall Dot Marker freebies from www.3dinosaurs.com.  You can download and print up the dot marker drawings HERE.  Students can put a dot on their picture after practicing their speech sound or language skill.

Here is a fall freebie for the younger students k-2 grade.  This can target vocabulary and syntax.  It is a template for an Autumn poem.  You can read the students a Fall themed book and talk about the vocabulary associated with Autumn before writing a cool poem the kids can take home.  I found this on a great blog What Happens in First Grade.  The link for that freebie is HERE.

I was dabbling on www.teacherspayteachers.com and found some cute and FREE clip art that you can use to make fun therapy activities and games.  You can find turkey clip art HERE and fun fall clip art HERE.  Check it out and let me know what you created with all the clip art.

I made a Fall Into Speech & Language Pack to use with your kiddos this Autumn season.  Print the tree page and laminate.  Then print the desired leaf set that you want to target in therapy.  Laminate and cut out the leaves.  You then put velcro on the tree branches and leaves.  Stick the leaves on the velcro pieces.  As the child practices his target sound, he can remove a leaf as it has fallen off the tree.  Once all the leaves are gone, the activity is over.  I showed you an example of my category tree below.  You can -reproduce the trees and make 4-5, so that all your speech kiddos can have a copy if they are working on different sounds, or just use one.


Included in the pack is a category sheet, multiple meanings (with cheat sheet included), artic sheets for /f,l,s,k/ and a blank sheet to use as a reinforcement or create your own area of need.

My next activity involves turkeys.  The turkey’s don’t have their feathers!!  They must get their feathers back.  In order to do that, the students must put the turkey’s body on the correct set of feathers.  So, if they have the turkey with “clean”, they must find the feathers that has tidy, flawless, orderly and immaculate written on the feathers.  Check out my example below.

These vocabulary words are in the range of 2-4th grade.  You print up the turkeys on cardstock and laminate.  Then cut out the turkey feathers and glue to a file folder.  Laminate the file folder.  Then, cut out the turkey’s body and adhere velcro to the backs of the turkey’s bodies as well as on the turkey feathers.

I have also included a coloring page of Turkeys in which you incorporate into therapy by having the kids write what they are thankful for on the feathers, add five associations they have with thanksgiving or write words about Thanksgiving that has their speech sound.

You can get this Fall into Speech and Language pack at my TPT store!