I found these graphics and thought of a fun game to play with your students during the winter season.  My Build A Snowman Articulation Game is a fun way to incorporate the winter theme and get your students practicing their speech sounds.  The object of the game is to collect all your snowman’s parts to build your snowman.   In my pack there are different snowman mats with the parts the student needs to collect.

Be the first player to collect all the parts he/she needs to build their snowman.  Lose a turn if you pick the card with the sun because it is melting your snowman!  Earn an extra turn if you get the card with the kids because your friends have come to help build your snowman faster.  The person who gets all their snowman parts wins!


Print up the snowman mats and laminate for durability.  Next, print up the game cards, laminate them, cut out and place face down in a pile.  You then print up the word lists and use whichever sound the students are working on.  As students practice their speech targets at the word or sentence level, they then can take a card from the pile.  Whoever gets all the cards on their snowman mat first is the winner.

This pack has word lists for s,z,l, l-blends, s-blends, r, r-blends, ar, or, ire, ear, air, recurrent r and rl.  I put up to 80 words on each card.  Just print the word lists and place in front of the students.  They can pick a word to practice at the word or sentence level.  You can grab this pack HERE.  Hope you enjoy!  Stay tuned for a FREEBIE coming soon.


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