I found this outer space clip art and fell in love with it.  This is my first product I have created, but I have a few more packs and FREEBIES coming your way because the pictures have inspired my creativity.  I have a lot of students working on language and vocabulary who also have difficulty with reading between the lines and using context clues to figure out what people are REALLY talking about.  So, I created an OUT OF THIS WORLD IDIOMS PACK to target figurative language with my older students.   I like to dabble with different language activities because my older students tend to get bored more easily.

There are 32 idiom pairs that all revolve around “outer space”.  I also including 20 sentences with idioms used in context, so students can try to figure out the meaning by using context clues and their schema.   I also included an idiom journal template worksheet that the kids can fill out and collect idioms throughout the year.  At the end of the year, they can take their idioms journal home with them!

This is a great versatile activity that can also help with breaking up the session.  An example of a therapy session could look like this:

2-3 minutes – explain that we are going to talk about expressions that talk about outer space.  As a group, brain storm word associations for outer space. (Hint: You just targeted categories and associations with this warm up).

10 minutes- explain 5 or more idiom expressions and their meanings.

5 minutes- have the students do a matching activity either on the table or place the cards in a pocket chart and they have to match the correct idiom card.

Last 5-8 minutes- Orally, have the students use their favorite idiom in a sentence or explain a situation in which they would use that idiom.

Next session, you could follow the same format, but switch up the matching activity to writing a sentence with 1-2 idioms, have a race to see who can match up all the idioms the fastest, or earn points for each idiom you can answer correctly.  Once you have introduced all the idioms, incorporate the contextual cards and have a competition.  Have teams and use buzzers.  Read the sentence out loud to the kids.  As a team they have to use the context clues to figure out the meaning of the idiom.  The team with the correct answer gets a point!  They can get a bonus point for telling you the clues or schema they used to get that answer.  This lets you know that they were THINKING.  (Another hint: working in groups also works on social skills, hitting another language target simultaneously.)  If you have a mixed articulation and language group, have the student practice their sound using an idiom in a sentence or when answering a question.

I made you all a FREEBIE Out Of This World Idiom Story that you can have your students find the idioms while they read.  You can try to replace the idioms with straight forward terms/language and see if the meaning changes.  As an extension activity, have your students try to write a story or paragraph using these idioms.

I would love to hear some ideas about how you would use these cards in an activity.  First 5 comments get a copy for FREE!  Grab this pack at my TPT store.

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