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I love using books in the therapy room because the kids are much more engaged with the material and it seems to “stick” better than other language lessons I prepare.  I chose to create a speech and language companion for The Rainbow Fishbecause it has a wonderful theme and can be used to target lots of different skills.  I have a lot of younger kids on my caseload who have language goals as well as some older students grades 3-5 that also have language goals.  I made some activities for both sets of grade levels because it saves time with planning therapy as I can use one themed material throughout most of my day.

First off, I have made 20 match up pairs of synonyms and antonyms as well as 16 multiple meaning cards.  I have also included an answer key for the multiple meaning cards.  Many of these activities are geared for your older kids.

Many of my students that I assess have environmental factors that impact their performance on tests (i.e. education of parent, language spoken in the home, the amount of literacy exposure, etc.), so often my standardized measures are not as reliable or valid.  I devised some data collecting sheets for doing some dynamic assessment in the areas of vocabulary and story retell.

I included several visual posters and scaffolding tools to help with teaching story elements and retelling a story.  I also use the pictures from the book to review what happened on each page to help with teaching vocabulary and sentence structure.

For your little ones, I have included receptive and expressive preposition practice.  Included are the concepts ‘in front’, ‘behind’, ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘far’, and ‘between’.  There is also a color matching activity in which the students have to sort the scale onto the correct color fish as well as an activity to work on the concepts small and big.

I am very excited about my two articulation reinforce games I created to help with keeping the kids motivated with practicing their speech sounds.  I included word sheets with target sounds /r,sh,s,z,l,f,k,g/ in which you can print, laminate and store on a key ring.  Have the kids play my rainbow fish game while they practice their sound or use my ocean fish reinforce activity.  Just print up the ocean coral background and the fish.  Laminate, cut out and attach the fish to the ocean background using Velcro.  As students say their speech target, they get to take a fish off.  Once all the fish are gone, their work is complete!

I also made an is/are noun verb agreement sorting activity to work on grammar.  I also included some writing sheets to have students practice writing using correct word order and morphology.

There are also two craftivity type coloring sheets to help reinforce any target.  Have your younger students practice initiating communication and requesting by asking for the coloring sheet, glue, glitter, crayons, etc.  For your older students, brainstorm qualities of a great friend.  Then have your students color the fish and put the adjectives that they would want in a great friend on the scales.  You could also have them write their articulation words on the scales or target vocabulary from the story.

Last, I created social skill activities for both your younger kiddos and your older kids working on friendship and sharing.  For your younger kids there are visuals and situations for determining if the child was being kind or not kind.   There are yes/no visuals to judge whether the kids are sharing or not sharing.  For your older students you can talk about the social rules for sharing and being a friend using Michelle Winner Garcia’s vocabulary terms expected vs. unexpected behaviors.  There is a perspective language lesson to working on what the rainbow fish and little blue fish were thinking at different points in the story.

I hope you find this pack very comprehensive and useful for many of your students.  I am very excited to share this website that I found because even if you don’t own a copy of this book, you can still share The Rainbow Fish with your kiddos.  Storyline Online is a website that features children’s books read by actors.   You can use your IPAD or computer to play the story to your students.  If you have a mixed group (artic & language), you could even have one student listen to the story with head phones while you target some articulation goals.  It is called Storyline Online and it features The Rainbow Fish!  Go check out Simply Speech’s blog post on what activities she uses with The Rainbow Fish book.  Grab this pack on my TPT store.

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