I was planning on making this set in March when the weather starts to change, but then I heard about the BIG SALE on Sunday and wanted to get this up in case you wanted to purchase for your groups.  I love idioms and figurative language because it can bring some humor to the therapy room and it gets the kids to think about words!  I also just love using idioms, so it was fun to find all of these expressions and create some great materials.  I made a weather related idiom pack that you can use all year round!  I like this theme because EVERYONE has experienced the weather and can relate an experience they had with weather.  You could use these idiom pair match ups as a whole language lesson or introduce 1-2 idioms per session in the beginning as a warm up activity.

In this pack there are 33 idiom pair match ups, 20 sentences with the idioms embedded in context and an idiom journal template, so kids could make an idiom journal throughout the year.  I gave you all some ideas on how to implement idioms in the therapy room with my Out of This World Idioms Activity Pack.

I also thought you could try to find weather forecasts or news stories on youtube or the internet and have the students watch the broadcast.  Then, you could have them try to insert or use one of the weather related idioms in the forecast or news stories such as It’s raining cats and dogs or come rain or shine.  As the students are filling in their idiom journal entry, ask the students how they would picture the idiom and really try to get them to tie it to an experience in their own life.  So for example, if you used “hit some rough weather” you could talk about a time when things were very difficult in their life.  It always helps when they have an experience to relate to words!

I made  you another idiom story using some of the weather related idioms to use as a carryover activity.  This could be a good activity to use to take data to see which idioms your students retained.  These stories have been so fun to make.  Grab that freebie story HERE.

Next up, I made you all a FREEBIE idiom pack with Spring themed idioms.  It is the same format with 15 idiom pairs.

I am hoping in the future to have finished two more idiom FREEBIE stories for you all, but I think it will be coming down after the sale!  I have been a busy girl at work, my little one hasn’t been sleeping great (teething) and now my brain is fried!  I hope you enjoy.  You can grab my FREEBIE Spring Time Idioms Activity on my TPT store.