This awesome activity idea comes from my speech therapy assistant student intern who I have had by my side for the past 7 weeks!  Next week is her last week and I will be sad to see her go because she has helped out so much with prepping materials, working with some of my kids when I have had reports to write or IEP meetings during the day and observing students in the classroom.  It has been fun teaching her the “fun” part of our jobs……instead of all the wonderful IEP paperwork we are required to complete throughout the year!  She has come up with some great activities and I thought this one in particular would be perfect since St. Patty’s day is coming up.  This game was created by Michelle Manthe, my SLPA student intern……this lady is going places and fingers crossed will one day become a full blow SLP.  She definitely has the talent and creativity to be a speech therapist.

It is called Get It! Got it! Good!  Wonder what sound we may be targeting here?  Yes, it is a game designed for our little guys and girls who love to say “dot” and “dood”.  Materials you need:  a box of some kind, rice, easy grip tweezers,
and little toys that start with /g/ to place in the box.  We went searching our my room for little toys that had “green” or “gold” along with any words that started with /g/ such as “grapes”, “goat”, and “goose.”  Michelle also took a trip to the dollar store and found some more little toys that had the /g/ sound.  Since St. Patty’s Day has green and gold colors, this activity would be perfect for next week. 


So, to play the game, each child gets a tweezer and a turn to find something in the box.  Before their turn they have to say “I want to get it.”  Then, they go searching in the box for a toy item.  Once, they grasp an item with their tweezers they have to say “I got it!” and then shout “good.”  What I love about this feature of the game is that they are practicing /g/ in a context and in carrier phrases.  In one turn they have said 3 carrier phrases.  You can then have the student practice the word 3-5 times before moving on to the next student.  There isn’t really a winner to the game, but it keeps the kids interested and motivated.  I also love this activity because it is consistent with the language and words throughout the activity, so your little ones who don’t speak much, can really start to pick up on the words you are saying.  It is really broken down for those language delayed kiddos.  By the end of the session, all my little kindergarteners were saying the phrases without any prompting!  Enjoy!

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