Hey all, I had been working on creating this game a little bit each day and now have a finished product.  After reading Nicole Allison’s guest post about how to do therapy with mixed articulation and language groups, I realized this game set could be use for both articulation and language because each card has pictures of the target word!  I just did some informal assessment and found that several of my little ones are stimuable for /l/ and /l-blends/ and have been working on /s-blends/.  I wanted to create some more materials for those sounds because I have been needing materials for those sounds.  I also have several students with lateral lisps and/or persisting phonological processes of stridency deletion.  Many are ready to work on these sounds at the word or sentence level and I wanted some other materials other than my articulation card decks and my cool pocket pairs app that I won!

First up is my Grillin’ Up Articulation /s-blends/ and /l-blends/.  It includes 60 cards total for s-blends.  6 cards each for sn, sl, sm, st, sk, and sw.  It contains 24 cards of s-blends in the final positions (I always need more of these)!  It also contains 12 initial, medial, final positions /l/ cards and 12 of both initial and final position /l-blend/ cards.   The other great feature is that there are pictures, so you can target wh-questions, answer yes/no questions, categorization and associations for your language kids. This pack comes with game cards and a board game to play with the stimulus cards.

Directions:  There are two variations to play this game.  Have your students practice their speech sounds using the word cards.  You can use the cards to play with the game board.  Help the boy get to the BBQ in time before the food is ready.  The first player to get to the end of the game board is the winner. This can be a great game to help kick off a “summer” theme and explain associations for activities that we do during the spring/summer season, at athletic sport events and 4th of July!

You can also play with the game cards.  The player to collect the most hot dogs and hamburgers is the winner of the game.  Earn an extra turn cause you’re the grill master!  Lose a turn because you forgot to flip your burger.  Give a card to another play because you forgot to buy coal for the BBQ.

I think these game cards would be very motivating for some of your older students!  Grab my Grillin’ Up Articulation- S-BLENDS & L-BLENDS HERE!

I have also created a /sh/, /ch/, /dj/ version of Grillin’ Up Articulation using the same game rules and board game.  There are 24 cards for each sound in all positions (initial, medial, final) and they all include pictures.

You can grab my Grillin’ Up Articulation -SH, CH, DJ at my TPT store!  Just creating these materials was giving me “Spring Fever” and making me long for those long weekend evenings when the kids can play in the back yard while family and friends can enjoy each other’s company eating some yummy BBQ.  Stay tuned this week for more guest posts with some great therapy ideas, an app review and giveaway and NEXT Sunday, stay tuned for a BIG FAT Speechy March Madness Month Giveaway to say “thank you” for all your support!  The first three folks to comment below will get a copy of one of these packs for FREE.  I hope you all like.

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