dog a donut

I wanted to make you all a companion pack and I thought about using another book with a dog theme since kids love dogs.  The book If You Give A Dog A Donut by Laura Numeroff has repetitive language, great pictures, and the dog participates in lots of activities such as playing baseball, picking apples, having a water fight and making his own kite!  This got my head spinning just thinking of fun ways to work on speech and language.  First up, I thought you could do a “donut” cooking activity and would cover concepts such as first, next, last, explaining the sequence of something, practicing articulation words during the cooking activity and learning new verbs and vocabulary such as “mix”, “pour”, “stir”, “preheat”, “combine”, “toss” and “fold”.  You can find this recipe for Baked Maple Cinnamon Donuts by clicking on the photo below.maple-donut

You can also grab this FREE donut making app if you aren’t able to do cooking activities at your site.  Check it out on ITUNES.

If you had the materials, you could do an activity to make a kite with your kids.  It is great for working on following directions.  Prior to the craft, you could talk about what kind of weather you would fly a kite in, where you might go to fly a kite and describing a kite using different attributes.  Click on the picture below to go to a website with directions on how to make your own kite.


The dog in the book wants to play a little baseball, so you could work on word associations and multiple meaning words from baseball.  Check out my post on using this fun baseball game in your therapy rooms.  Just click on the picture below!


The dog ran out of apple juice, so he decided to go pick some apples to make more juice!

Now onto my book companion activities that I crafted up for you!Slide1


I included a visual poster of breakfast food items to work on categorization and describing items by attributes since a donut is something we eat for breakfast.  Word associations has been something that I like to target with my vocabulary kids, so I made a word association match up game with some of the words from the story along with a couple of extras.  There are pictures for your younger crowd.  Just play like a memory or go fish style game.Included is a past/present tense verb sort and a template for a VENN DIAGRAM to work on comparing/contrasting.  There is a past/present verb sort with words from the book, in which you can have your students sort the cards onto the correct tree.

picture 1 for dog

Have your students work on story comprehension and retell with my story lesson guide.  I have included visual pictures to help with story retell!


Can’t have a book companion pack without an open ended game from Thedabblingspeechie!?  Play my Dunkin’ Donuts game while you practice any speech or language target.  The player to collect the most donuts is the winner.  If you pick up a coffee card, you get an extra turn because donuts and coffee are so yummy together.  Pick up a box of donut and put one donut card back because someone stole a donut out of the box!


And, here is a craftivity template for making a kite in which students can write their speech sounds, practice following directions and write down any target vocabulary words.  Students can decorate the kite after they finish making their craft!  Grab this  companion pack at TPT STORE!  I hope these ideas help save you some time with planning therapy as we all have lots of end of the year IEP’s and assessments.  Have a great rest of the year!!