Okay, be cheezy and silly with me for one little minute and check out my “speechy” version of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”.  Sing along with that tune and you will see how well my musical master piece turned out.  Take me out me of my classroom!  Teach me lots of new words!  Show me some tricks and play lots of games.  I don’t care if I never go back!  Oh just teach, teach, teach me to slow down or even say some new sounds!  For it’s one, two, three cheers for you  in the fun speech room!  I know you all are humming along right now.  You know you thought my song was clever and cute…. it gave me a smile making up my new musical number for you all!


You have probably figured out from my little speechie tune what we are doing in my speech room this week!  I was dabbling through an older edition of Blooming Into Speech and Language Activities Book and found some activities for teaching vocabulary and language with a “baseball” theme.  I decided it was the perfect time to do baseball activities since the season just started and my family loves the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS.  I have a lot of students on my caseload that have not had many experiences, so I often have to bring the experience to the speech room.  Google images and You Tube have become two of my closest friends because I can easily access really good visuals for my students to learn new concepts and vocabulary words.

My SLPA intern and I got our IPADS out today and had the students watch some clips from a baseball game.  We picked clips from Sacramento’s triple A team The River Cats and the San Francisco Giants.  After the students watched the clips, we asked them “what words do you think of when you picture baseball?”  The Students then generated their ideas and wrote them down on a cute baseball mitt template from the Blooming Into Speech and Language book.  As a group we watched a couple more clips to see if there were any more association words we could add.  This allowed me to explain different concepts about the game such as the umpire, the pitcher mound, foul ball, fans, stadium, etc.


Now for the fun part!  My intern found a cool suction cup throwing game at Target and thought it would be cool for the students to earn points if they could get the ball on the bases of a baseball field.  So, she drew a baseball diamond on the white board and put points on each of the bases.  She then asked the students different questions about the vocabulary words such as “why do you wear a helmet?” or “what does stealing mean in baseball?”  They would then get to take a turn after they asked a question.  You can get 10 points if you land in the home run zone!  She also had some of my grammar students identify if the word was an action word or a noun such as “field” or “hit”.  The kids really enjoyed the game and the points system helped them to think through their answers.  Another variation for the game would be to have the students try to make a home run.  The first person to get the suction cup around all the bases would be the winner!

I told my intern she needs to go back to that Target and buy me that game!  We will be playing it next week as well.  I am also going to be using the fun activities from Speech Snacks to work on multiple meaning words that can be used in baseball.  I love her blog and all her creativity with using language and cooking together!

One of my little /r/ kiddos are working on generalizing /r/ and /vocalic r/ into sentences.  I made a little worksheet with sentences about baseball, so he can practice /r/ while reading sentences.  Grab this worksheet for your /r/ kids HERE!

Baseball Listening Comprehension_Page_01

I also found this wonderful Baseball Comprehension Activity created by The Speech Bubble.  It has different stimulus cards with mini story/facts about baseball with comprehension questions.  There are game cards included as well to make the activity more motivating!  The kids were really engaged and motivated to learn about baseball today.  It was great to see their enthusiasm.  What have you been targeting in your therapy rooms for Spring?  Have you done any baseball type activities?  I would love to hear about them!