I always like to end my school year with a little end of the year party in which we have popsicles or ice cream sundaes.  I have been doing lessons all year in the 4th-6th grade SDC classroom and thought we could do a social skills lesson about planning a party.  This is a great lesson to work on generalizing ALL the skills you have been targeting with your kiddos throughout the year.  I created some visual posters to help with teaching students how to agree or disagree with a peer’s idea and a reminder poster to remember ALL the skills we have been working on throughout the year!



Skills taught in this lesson:

-Steps for organizing and planning a party

-Being flexible when you do not get your way

-Using the expected body language, tone of voice, facial expressions when sharing ideas

-agreeing/disagreeing with ideas in a kind way

-Learning to work  in a group

-Practicing WHOLE body listening during an activity

-Social Rules for a party


I started the lesson by explaining that we were going to plan a party and everyone needed to help with BRAIN STORMING.  I used my visual posters to review how to tell a friend you like their idea or you do not like their idea.  We then used the planning party sheet (pg. 3) to jot down all the ideas and circled the idea that we picked as a group.  I also reminded everyone that I am looking for students who have their brain and body in the group.  I had pieces of paper in front of the kids and put tally marks on the kid’s sheets when they were being FLEXIBLE, made a GOOD impression or had their BRAIN/BODY in the group.  The lesson worked out great!  We talked about why it is important to R.S.V.P. to a party and about how it be a GOOD host.  We invited the principal, some para-educators, the counselor and the secretaries at our school.  Grab my Social Skills Party Planningvisuals and planning sheet to do this lesson with your kids!  Next week, I will be playing a little LIMBO at our Hawaiian themed social skills party!!  How you enjoy the end of the year with your speech students?


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