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Happy Saturday to you all!  I made a fun FREE PRINTABLE word associations game for all my supporters on Facebook, TPT and my blog.  I have a lot of students who are working on vocabulary and I thought of turning the classic DOMINO game into a word associations game.  I created DOMINOES Word Associations Game to work on word associations to help with understanding words in categories, learning new vocabulary and to treat word finding difficulties.


There are two sets containing a different group of themes.

Set #1 contains word associations for the beach, movies, baseball, outer space, Fall/Autumn, camping and a birthday party.

Set #2 contains word associations for winter, Halloween, school, farm, garden, circus, and pirates.

Place the dominoes in a draw pile.  Each player picks 5 dominoes from the pile and places them face up in front of him or her.  The youngest player places any one of his/her dominoes in the center playing area.  The next player must play a domino tile on either end of the played domino that has a matching word association.  For example, if there is a picture of a sand bucket & box of popcorn, the next player must match something associated with the “beach” or “movies”.  Players alternate turns and build on the domino chain.  If a player has no dominoes that will match, then he/she must draw from the draw pile until a word association match is found.  If there are no more dominoes in the draw pile and a match can still not be made, the player loses a turn.  The game is over when a player gets rid of all his/her dominoes or there are no more word association matches to be made.

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To grab this game for your speech room, just click the pink button above or photo. What games do you like to use in your speech room?

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