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Summer is here! It has been such a nice start to summer in Sacramento because most days it has been in the 80’s and low 90’s. We did have one day when it was 108 degrees, the hottest day all year! My kids and I have been enjoying lots of outdoor activities before the BIG heat wave hits our city…..then it will be off to the pool or sitting inside our nice air conditioned house. I am planning on doing a “summer” theme in my speech room this year, so I decided to make some behavior management ideas to help keep my kids motivated in speech. I made the pack user friendly for teachers, speech therapists and counselors, so it has a little bit of everything. I also like to have lots of variety with behavior management ideas because I often have teachers and my school psychologist ask me for ideas on how to help improve behavior in some of their students. It is always a nice feeling to pass on something that they might be able to use!

This set includes 5 different sets of summer themed punch cards that you can use to when a student returns their speech homework, has extra great behavior, or if they come on time to their therapy session.  After 20 punches, they can earn a prize or whatever you worked out with the student.  I can see these being very handy for Junior High and High School Students who may not want to come to speech or want to practice at home.


I also made some raffle tickets that students can get every time they come to speech.  They can earn extra tickets for returning important paperwork signed by their parents (I admit I have turned to bribery to get assessment plans and meeting notices signed and returned!), have great behavior during speech or if they completed their homework.  Each week you can pick 1-2 winners from your raffle jar to pick a prize out of the prize box.  Recently, I have seen a lot of teachers using those behavior clip charts and I think they are great.  I am planning on trying to have one in my room this coming year.  It is a good visual reminder for children to see the consequences of their behavior when it’s great or not so great.


Every year, I always have 1-2 of my groups that have trouble with following the basic rules and I find myself doing behavior management the WHOLE session.  I started using a system for those groups.  If everyone had less than two warnings next to their names, they we got a star towards having an ice cream or cookie party.  The group had to earn 8 stars before earning a party.

   ice cream 1 ice cream 2

This system taught them that their behavior can affect everyone not just themselves.  So, I made an ice cream cone themed chart that I can attach a scoop every time my students have a good session.  I just printed and laminated and adhered magnet pieces on the back of each cone.  You can also make individual ice cream cones and students can put stickers on their cone each time they come in for a session.  You can grab this set on my  TPT store!


Now for my summer themed FREEBIE!  I love ice cream and figure most kids love it too, so I made some graphic organizers to help with understanding key story elements.


Use these organizers as a PRE-WRITING ACTIVITY to plan out their story or persuasive paragraph. Use the color ice cream sundae visual as a poster to hang on the wall or use with your ELMO projector as a visual during the story elements passage. Have students identify the key story elements and write what happened in the graphic organizer.


Students can then transfer that information to write a summary of what happened in the story. These are perfect for a summer themed classroom unit because who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot day!  Go grab your free copy HERE!  What are you all planning for therapy next year?

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