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It has been amusing listening to all the wild tales my 4 year old conjures up about his life at preschool.  His creativity and imagination is exciting to see grow and develop!  Watching my son creating stories has shown me how essential oral narration is for developing vocabulary, grammar, and higher order thinking skills such as inferencing and predicting.  As I have been dabbling with different resources to teach story telling, I realized how difficult this skill is for my language impaired kids.  So, I was so pleased to find this INTERACTIVE, AMAZING, AFFORDABLE app from Merge Mobile Apps.


Besides just being able to create stories, you can also make picture books, photo collages, and scrapbooks.   The other cool thing about this app is you can publish your book to Merge Mobile’s public library to share with all users of Storybook Maker around the world!  Check out this YouTube Preview Video to see this app in action.



There are many features and ways to create.  You can draw a story picture and add story lines or you can record your story for that page.  You can also use some animation that is already on the app and/or upload personal photos to create a personal narrative.  With this app you can change the font style and color, use drawing tools to create a picture, add your own personal photos, and move objects all around the page.  Once you have finished a drawing, you can then preview your story to see if it is set up like you want.


Here are some ways that you could use this app in therapy with your middle school students:

  • Use this to have your students with fluency disorders create a personal scrapbook about their family, interests, school classes, hobbies and strengths to help them to gain confidence in who they are as a person.  Then, have your students practice using their fluency strategies while presenting their scrapbook to you or their speech group.  Check out my scrapbook from my trip to Taos, NM.
  • Create social stories using real life pictures to help your students with social skill deficits.  You can make them generic or very personal to their needs.  Some topics for stories is what to do at lunch time, asking for help in class, how to ask to go to the bathroom, what to do when going to PE, and how to deliver a note or item to a teacher in another classroom.  HERE you can find MY OWN social story to keep me focused on staying fit and eating healthy.
  • For your language impaired students, you can work on new vocabulary, and grammar by creating informational stories about different topics such as facts about animals, inventions, sports, or famous people.  You can have them think of synonyms/antonyms, adjectives, prepositional phrases, or conjunctions to help create more interesting sentences.

I love how you can adapt this app to fit the “interests” of your students……after working with junior high students I had to find ways to keep them motivated….they are a tough bunch to work with, but once you figure out what they like, it becomes a very rewarding experience!

Ideas for how to use this app with preschool and elementary aged students:

  • Have your students create their own emotions book with their very own faces.  They can look through the book to see how happy, sad, nervous, excited and angry looks for them!  The coolest thing is that you can create the book into a PDF and email it to anyone you want.  This means you can email it to the student’s teacher and parent, so he can have access to this book ALL the time!
  • You can use other children’s stories by searching in the database for language processing and comprehension.  You or the student can read the story created by another child and then talk about the key story elements.
  • Have your students create a story about themselves!  You can go around the school taking pictures or have them use props from your therapy room to help take pictures.  As they create a story, have them practice their articulation sound or fluency techniques.
  • You could make a photo book filled with pictures of the students doing different actions.  Then the students could go through the book and describe what each person is doing working on grammar and verbs!

Grab this Storybook Maker App  for you therapy room and enjoy watching your student’s creativity unravel!  It is only $3.99 and can be used for so many goals!!

Now for the good news!  I have 3 FREE copies to GIVEAWAY thanks to Merge Mobile!!  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a copy.

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