Today, I am going to share a MUST HAVE app from Smarty Ears that is designed for your students with a significant phonological processing sound system disorder.  The awesome part about this app is that it has been designed to fit the evidence-based cycles technique from Barbara Hodson.  Watch this  Smarty Ears Tutorial for a visual demonstration on how to use this app in therapy!

438541751_640To set up for a student, you press ‘add player’ and then you can confirm your student’s profile.  There is an option to include auditory bombardment and if you want to work at the word, phrase or sentence level.  Then, just pick which processes you want to remediate.  I love the feature of being able to put in a picture of the student.  My students loved getting their picture taken with my IPAD and then seeing their face each time we went to work!


After your student completes the auditory bombardment activity, your student can pick from four different activities: hot air balloon, matching, basket paper, or puzzle.  As they do each activity, there are a set of words with visual supports that the students practice throughout the activity.  This app closely follows the cycles approach and chooses only 5-6 words that the child says over and over to reduce the impact of co-articulation.  This allows the child to really work on the correct placement, manner and voicing for the targeted sound.


The other cool feature about this app is that you can take data while the activity is taking place.  I love how you have the option of taking data based on cues/prompts or the traditional correct/incorrect approach.
Why I love this app?

    • The graphics are bright, colorful and engaging.


  • There is an auditory bombardment activity to start each session, a much needed component to cycles approach therapy



  • I love how this app has 4 different activities to choose from, so students won’t get bored easily and will get lots of practice in!



  • Being able to choose how you want to take data, is a nice bonus.  I love how I can store data on each student and email it to myself or parents!!



  • The option to add a photo or cartoon avatar is a great feature for little ones to feel independent and successful knowing they have a special page just for them.



  • Having a bad day?  Numerous IEP’s, assessments and paperwork taking away from planning therapy?  This app allows you to not have to plan out all the elements for a cycles approach.  Of course, you have to mix up therapy, so the little ones don’t just use an IPAD every session, but this app is great for the traveling SLP who can’t take lots materials in his/her car or when your little ones are needing something to keep them focused!



  • This app is a great for taking progress report data because it is quick and easy to navigate as well as you can easily store data and input that information later on the IEP.



All in all, this app is well thought out and worth every penny.  Thank you Smarty Ears for allowing me the opportunity to try out this wonderful app and share my thoughts (no other compensation was provided, just this cool app for review)!  Grab your copy on ITUNES.  Smarty Ears graciously provided a copy for one of my faithful followers to win!!  Enter below to get a free copy!

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