Today, I have Rachel from Queen’s Speech here to share a cool DIY project that is sparkly, and useful for your therapy room!

Glamorous Glitter
All that glitters….is totally gold!!  I find there are very few ways to use glitter in therapy without making a complete glitter explosion in my room. The Special Education Teacher I work with came to me
with this awesome idea from MyCrazy Blessed Life.  I wrote to the blog’s author and asked permission to share!  She has a great tutorial on how to make it, along with tons of comments below the post from readers on tips and tricks.  Best part is that making a bottle is it relatively inexpensive!
What is it? Check out my video!  A timer, relaxation tool or sensory bottle. I have only made two and used them for a variety of things already. (See uses at the bottom)
How do I make one?
Again, the full tutorial can be found here: MyCrazy Blessed Life, but here is how I made one:
  • Smart water bottles work the best! About $1.25 We are currently experimenting with other bottles. The harder the plastic the longer it will last.
  • Clear Tacky Glue, it breaks the bank a bit $2.99 as you need a whole bottle OR more. Through some research, I saw people use glitter glue (cheaper option) or clear corn syrup.  I haven’t tried that yet.
  • Goo Gone if you have it, to get the label off.
  • Super Glue or other strong glue to seal the lid to keep kids from drinking it! This is important!!
  • A funnel or bowl with a pouring lip to pour tap water back in.
  • My favorite, I saved for last! Must be fine glitter or it will fall too fast. However you can use various different types, experiment! I have fine mixed with a straight tinsel, catches the light really well. Can you tell I love glitter? Confession, that is not my entire collection…


  1. Take label off. It’s easier to get the label off if there is water in the bottle. Then drink it, we don’t want fancy Smart Water going to waste.
  2. Now that the bottle is empty, scrub off the junk with Goo Gone. Be gentle we don’t want to scuff up the plastic.
  3. Pour a whole bottle of glue into the empty water bottle. 1 bottle of Tacky Glue=about 5 minutes. I add a bit more than that just to be safe. 2 bottles=almost exactly 10 minutes!
  4. Heat up tap water in a bowl to “tea temperature”, not boiling but hot. Pour hot water into the water bottle and SHAKE. The glue should completely dissolve into the water. Leave room for your glitter.
  5.  While the water is still hot. Pick your glitter. Make sure it’s fine glitter (any kind will do). I like to mix various colors. Pour a good amount, about the size of one single glitter Martha Stewart container or just eyeball it. Shake it and I mean SHAKE IT! There will be some that clump or bubble. I used a stick to pop/stir the bubbles. If there is still some clumping at the top, squeeze the bottle of the sink to get rid of the floating chunky stuff that won’t sink.
  6. Super glue the lid once you are satisfied!


  • WARNING: The timer will be FAST if the water is still warm. Wait for it to completely cool down before adding a ton more glue (how I ended up with a 10 minute timer instead of 5).
  • Add a bit of glitter, a bit of water, shake. Add more glitter, more water, shake again. Helps mix it better.
  • Try other types of glitter, use a cheaper glue, different bottles and sizes, try dying the water! I am currently working on another fun way to use water bottles! Will post soon.
  • Time-Out Bottle:
    GREAT for students with behavior challenges. Give them the bottle, tell
    them when the glitter falls the bottom their “time-out” is over. Having
    a visual helps with the “Am I off time-out yet?” 
  • Relaxation Bottle:
    Also great for student with behavior challenges, Autism, or anyone
    (including myself!) We had a student who was angry about a situation, so
    we brought him to our room. We gave him the bottle and it was amazing
    how quickly he calmed down. “Oh, look how cool! The glitter is falling
    down!” TIP: To change the amount of time the glitter takes to fall add
    more or less glue.
  • Timer:
    My favorite glitter timer is 10 minutes long. I shake it up about 10
    minutes before our speech sessions are over and tell the kids we have to
    finish what we are doing in 10 minutes! They get so excited and
    motivated to be done with their practice by the time the glitter gets to
    the bottom! 
  • Sensory: My students with Autism really love these bottles. They love shaking it up and watching it fall. The glitter swirls and twirls in all different directions. The kids love them so much we are getting requests for colors! 
I am sure there are more uses! I love the blue one I made, it reminds me of the ocean! My husband wanted a red one, so I made it for this tutorial! Looks like hot lava! Have fun getting messy! Special thanks to Felice for hosting Wise Wallet Wednesdays! I love seeing all the thrifty crafty DIY ideas!
Want more? Check out Queen’s Speech!

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