Wednesday Giveaway

I love finding new games that I can use in my speech room because it keeps things fresh and the kids love anything that I bring in that involves a “game”.  When I was visiting my sister-in-law in New Mexico, I went to this awesome toy store and found a company that sells awesome games!  Why, you might ask?  Well, because these games from Peaceable Kingdom focus on having players work as a team to tackle an obstacle rather than have a winner and a loser.

game peaceable

Here’s how you play:  You are having a race to see who can get to the treasure first, you or the orge.  Start by rolling the dice to determine where to place your keys and Ogre Snacks.
game board 2
Each player takes turns drawing a card from the stack, building the path toward the treasure. If you draw an Ogre card, start at the top right and place the card on the board.
Pick up at least 3 keys as you build your path! Picking up an Ogre snack will let you decide when to use the snack to move one Ogre card off the board. If you make it to the treasure before the Ogre gets there, your team wins!
How I use this game in therapy:
*I would use this game as a reinforcer for my articulation kiddos who are working on drill and kill.  Every time they said their speech sound in words and sentences, they would get to take a turn.
*With my language folks, I would have them take a turn and explain the reasoning behind why they want to place their path card on certain space on the board.  They would have to work on using conjunctions to explain their idea with words such as “because”, “or”, “but”, “and” and “so”.  Furthermore, I would have my fluency students use their strategies while they tell me their reasoning for where they want to put the path piece on the board.
*I really love this game for my socially impaired students who need to work on being flexible and accepting other people’s ideas.  They can also work on expressing their opinions with the expected tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language.  This game requires kids to work together to figure out how to solve a problem: get to the treasure before the Orge.  While playing this game, we can go over expected and unexpected behaviors, what kinds of impressions we want to make while playing the game and using whole body listening during the game.
I haven’t brought this game in yet with my social skills group because we are still going over all the social thinking vocabulary and I am prepping them about what is expected and unexpected when playing a game.  We are also going to work on the expected and unexpected ways to express your opinion, so I can’t wait till we can begin to use this game as a way to carry over and put into action the concepts I have been teaching them!  Enter my rafflecopter for a chance to win your own copy of this game!!

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