I am planning a lesson with my social skills group to talk about the Hidden Social Rules of Halloween and trick or treating.  We are also going to be talking about what is expected and unexpected behaviors when you go trick or treating.

expected halloween

Do you watch the show Parenthood on TV?  I am a fan of the show and I especially love watching Max with his social quirks.  Here is a great clip (it’s not the best quality) of him going trick or treating from You Tube.  His parents prepped him the whole week on what was expected, so that he could participate with all the kids.  Max even picks up on some of the hidden social rules in the clip!

expected 2 halloweenI made a couple of quick worksheets that we are going to use in my session that I thought I would share!  It is easy to forget how an event like Halloween can be a very difficult social experience especially for our children’s parents who just want to have a fun evening free from melt downs and awkward social exchanges.  I hope reviewing this with my kids will help them have a great experience this Halloween!  Grab these worksheets HERE!


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