outisde the box 2

I have some wiggly little ones this year along with my mod-severe autism kindergartners that I am servicing this year, so I began thinking “outside the box” to use some activities that would incorporate moving while communicating and taking turns.  Remember that song by Coolio called “Rollin’ Wit My Homies”?  That song always reminds me of the movie Clueless!!  Well, today in speech we were “Rollin’ Wit Some Pumpkins”.  We had a blast with my Rollin’ Pumpkins game, which was great for doing therapy on Friday when LOTS of my kids are distracted and off task.  This activity kept them focused and having fun!

rollin' pumpkins

I created some point visuals ranging from 5-30, laminated and adhered to the plastic pumpkins I found at the dollar store with velcro.  Once the kids practiced their speech or language target, they got a chance to roll the ball to knock down as many pumpkins that they could.  The student with the most pumpkins wins.  We had a pumpkin dude or lady to pick up the fallen pumpkins and a person writing down the score on my white board.

preposition haunted house

Some of my kiddos were working on prepositions, so they had to follow 3-5 directions before taking a turn to roll!  They had to put my haunted house (thank you dollar store) above, below, in front, behind, on, etc. all over my speech room.  All my kids loved this activity including my 4th-6th graders!  I got lots of repetitions and practice while keeping everyone engaged and moving. The best part was that I just sat back and was able to take lots of data as each child took a turn.  What are you doing in your speech room this Fall/Halloween season?

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