Speech therapy crafts are fun to do with your little speechies. I came up with a quick and easy speech therapy craft to do with your students for the Thanksgiving season!!

Before I talk about my craft, I wanted to share about some of the things I am thankful for this season! It is during this season that I reminisce the most about what God has given me in this life.  Over the last several years, I have struggled with trusting in the Lord’s faithfulness and love for me.  Within the last couple of months, I have been able to remember God’s goodness.  I know God has provided a church for me that has helped me get through some  hard years, so I am very thankful for my church family!!

zac brown band

On Thursday, the hubby surprised me and took me to see Zac Brown Band for an early Christmas present.  It was the perfect surprise after a long day of IEP meetings.  So thankful for my husband and his thoughtful gifts.  Did you see my think bubble?  What could The Dabbling Speechie be thinking at the Zac Brown Band?  I was like a little girl giggling and dancing the whole concert!!

This is a personal favorite from the band because it reminds me of my husband’s simple, yet meaningful romantic gestures.  Every woman would love to have their husband say super romantic one liners from the movies, but it probably won’t happen with my hubby (he just isn’t a poet or writer type).  However, he always seems to have a great “I love you” at just the right moment and reminds me often that I have all the things he wants in a woman.  We have our struggles like any married couple, but I know I am a lucky girl to have him.

thanksgiving speech therapy craftsLastly, I am thankful for my job and having a wonderful creativity outlet to share my ideas and resources.  I made you all a fun Thanksgiving speech therapy craftivity that you can use this week with your groups.

thankgiving speech therapy crafts

You just print up and cut out the pieces and glue on a piece of craft paper.  Then, have your students write on the plate words they can think of with their speech sound.  My students working on /r/ and /s/ used words that they associated with Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving speech therapy craftI included a plate with lines in the event you wanted your students to write what they were thankful for!  You could have a blank plate stapled on top of the plate with the lines, so that they could draw and color all the things they were thankful for this year.  Grab this freebie in my TPT store!  The past few years have been tough with losing my Dad and other extended family, but I am looking forward to a new season of feeling renewed with God and letting go of some of my pain.  I hope that you have a great holiday!!