Looking for easy Christmas crafts for speech therapy? My caseload is out of control HUGE this year, so I have less time for prepping therapy activities.  I know many of you fine SLP’s are in the same boat as me (giant caseloads, mounds of paperwork boat, assessments) and are thinking “Will I ever get to do a fun craftivity in the speech room?”  The answer is YES!  Today, I have some easy prep holiday themed activities that you can incorporate in your speech room.  Some of these craftivities can be use with your little prek kiddos or your moderate-severe students to work on functional communication.

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech TherapyFirst up, is a simple craft that my 5 year old showed me how to do!  He made christmas trees at church and gave me the low down on how to quickly make one of these.

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech TherapySimply fold a piece of green construction paper in half, draw a diagonal line and then cut along the line.  Open the paper and you have a christmas tree.  Glue a popsicle stick or brown piece of construction paper as the trunk and  you are set.  Then, just grab whatever art supplies you have and let the kids go to town.  They can practice requesting with grammatically correct sentences or say their speech sound correctly before getting an art supply.  I usually let my kids decorate while I go around the table making them do whatever speech goal they have!

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech Therapy12 Days of Articulation FREEBIE Christmas Craftivity  by Jenna Rayburn over at Speech Room News made a REALLY cute freebie craftivity that can get your kids excited about practicing their speech sounds.  I wanted to use this with my language kids to cut down on therapy planning and made a visual to target adjectives and describing words.  Grab my adjective visual HERE!

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech TherapyShades of Meaning Holiday Light Craftivity by The Speech Bubble has a festive holiday freebie that works on synonyms and how words can change slightly in meaning!  What a great visual for your kids to take home with them.

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech TherapyWe have been reading The Gingerbread Man and playing my What does the fox say? Articulation game /sh, ch,dj/ and my What does the fox say? Articulation pack.  The kids have been loving my games!  For my older students I have Crazy Speech World’s fun gingerbread craftivity that I am using next week, but my little kindergarten and mod-severe speechies probably can’t hang with the complexity of the craft, so I made this cute gingerbread template that I just photocopied using construction paper.

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech TherapySo all I had to do was cut the little men out!  I actually made my kids cut it out and we worked on cutting “around” the line.  Then they got to use stickers, pom pom balls, dot markers and glitter to decorate!  They all had to request what they wanted and I squeezed in some articulation words too!  Grab that template HERE!

Easy Holiday Crafts For Speech TherapyMy son did this cute craft in his class, so I had my hubby make a template, so that I could do this in the speech room.  All you need for this cute Santa craft is a paper plate, some cotton balls, red and white construction paper and my FREEBIE template.  Just cut off the sides of the plate where the hat is going to go and then you glue all the pieces on the plate.  Have your student glue cotton balls on the mustache and white part of the hat!  Grab this freebie on my TPT store!  What are you doing in your speech room this December?