Presentation1It’s Wise Wallet Wednesday and today I am here to share a freebie game that you can use with your little speechies using empty tissue boxes.  P.S. I sent out a mass email asking all my faculty peeps if they had any empty tissue boxes to share.  Easy way to gather boxes if you don’t have any!  You can also use empty tongue depresser boxes as well!!  (My post contains amazon affiliates for your convenience.)

Slide1I found these cute, adorable penguins from Pretty Grafik and had to buy them in order to create something fun for therapy in January & February.


I made penguin point cards that I printed on cardstock, laminated and cut out.  I put a little tape and stuck it over the tissue box where the opening is for the tissue.  Then, I grabbed a bean bag and the kids tried to knock over the penguins.  They got to keep the points of whatever penguins they knocked over.  I stuck some scrap paper in the tissue boxes to weigh them down.

cat and penguin gameYou can also stick artic cards or little items in the tissue box and the kids have to guess or find what is in the tissue boxes.  I worked on categories by hiding items and the students had to name what category the item came from.


I bought Toobs that contain small toy items from different categories such as farm, pets, transportation, things that fly, etc.  They are great for hiding in sand, beans or in tissue boxes and the kids love them!  I just have to watch out cause some of my speechies have tried to snag them from me.

penguin 2Don’t have any tissue boxes?  Simply tape the penguins on your white board and/or place them on the floor and have kiddos try to hit a penguin with a bean bag.  The person with the most points wins!!  Grab the penguin point cards HERE and have fun using these activities in your speech room!