Are you looking for a Valentine gift to give to your co-workers or your own children’s teachers? Want a way to show some love to people that are working hard for children? I have a great Valentine gift for educators that I think you will love!

If you haven’t read the book The Help or seen the movie, it should definitely go on your must watch/read list! Today, I wanted to share this really sweet Valentine gift for educators. This means you can give it to SLPs, counselors, principals, teachers, your co-workers or instructional assistants as a way to say “Thanks” for working hard for kids! The best part is that the Valentine is HEALTHY! When we work with kids all day, you need to stay fueled with food and water that will sustain your energy. This Valentine will boost a person’s spirits and their energy! Thanks yoga teacher/PE teacher/sister for this cool idea to share. Amazon affiliate links are included for your convenience.

A Valentine Gift For Educators That Will Boost Their Energy & Spirits

My sis was at the dollar store searching for ideas when she spotted a SMART water!  Next, she snagged a “kind” healthy energy bar and the scheming began.

A Valentine's Gift For Educators inspired from the movie The Help

My sis wrapped the “kind” energy bar with some twine around the smart bottle and wrote out the message “You is smart.  You is kind. You is important.”

A Valentine's Gift For Educators inspired by the movie and book The Help

I found a box of KIND bars on amazon and had them shipped directly to me (thanks amazon prime).  I then went to Costco and grabbed a case of SMART water and was set for Valentine’s Day gifts.  You can also find SMART water on amazon, but Costco had a better deal! I was able to give gifts to my son’s teacher and some of my co-workers with this fun idea.

A Valentine Gift For Educators from the movie/book The Help.

Here is how mine turned out!  I made a fun printable template that you can DOWNLOAD HERE!

Isn’t this the cutest gift for a teacher or SLP!?  We is kind.  We is smart.  We is important.  Remember that this Valentine’s day when you are doubting your place in this world!  God has GOOD things for all us educators, so keep fighting the good fight.  Hug one of your little speechies and try to find something you LOVE about each one of them!