Presentation1Hi! I’m Cindy from Cindy L. Meester’s Blog Speech Therapy with a Twist. I’m lucky to be the guest blogger for Wise Wednesday Wallet.  Here is one way to add an inexpensive twist on any therapy activity.  I don’t know where this idea came to me.  It may have been due to the 50 (and counting) below zero days we are experiencing here in MN.  The weather was getting me down and I was ready for a change.  So what do many people do when they are shut in and can’t even walk the dog without turning her into a pupcicle?  Well they eat of course!  So before I gained anymore weight I decided I needed a calorie/guilt free activity and so was born “Our BIG Mouths.”  The recipe is easy and listed below.  Bon appetite!


• camera

• faces

• printer

• scissors

• tape

• miscellaneous containers

• clear contact paper


• Ask your subject/student to open their mouth wide

• Snap a picture on your camera (I used my phone) of just the face

• Print off the pictures in a size you prefer (I printed most of mine as 4×6)

• You can print in color but black and white saves money and the faces seem sillier

• Cut around the face

• You will know the picture is done by the amount of laughter heard when you give the student their BIG Mouth.

Once you are satisfied with your finished product then let the eating begin.

• Gather your containers and therapy materials.

• Tape the face to a container

• Use your therapy materials and have them eat it!

How to eat with your BIG Mouth:

1. Tape picture on a bag and feed it articulation pictures, vocabulary pictures, chips, etc.image12. Use a bowl container and tape the face over the opening. This BIG Mouth is working on using easy speech in sentences.

image33. Use a box with a hinged lid so it can snap shut as the BIG Mouth eats. This BIG Mouth is working on CVC words.

image64. Using mailboxes – These BIG Mouths were giving descriptions and guessing which picture fit before delivering it to their mailboxes.

mailbox5. Place your BIG Mouths on the sticky side of contact paper and attach to a wall or door with the sticky side facing out.  These BIG Mouths were working on vocabulary categories.


• Use animal faces instead of your students/clients

• Add a mustache to the BIG Mouths (or other embellishment) You could use the embellishments for a following direction activity: Put a mustache on Dean, Put an earring on Nicholas, etc. I guess it could be like a Mr. Potato head activity. The glasses were added just for this post using the Icolorfulsoft photo editor app.

image7Here are our BIG Mouths hanging out in the speech room.

groupNow it’s your turn to add your own twist.



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