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I seem to always have bugs on the brain when Spring time rolls around because my 5 year old son loves looking for bugs in our backyard.  He recently caught a lizard and has been taking care of “Lizzie” for 2 months now! We love watching Lizzie eat her baby crickets.  I was inspired to make a fun “buggy” game freebie for all you folks.

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Grab my “Catch A BUG Freebie” here!

Catch A Bug FREEBIE Game

There are two variations to using this activity.  Print the bug jar and bugs with numbers on card stock for durability and laminate.  I used an empty container and put construction paper around it, so kids couldn’t peek inside.


I then taped the bug jar to the container and stuck the bugs inside.

Bug Craft activityI used paperclips on the bugs, so that they would stick when the students used my magnetic fishing pole to catch bugs.  The player with the most points at the end of the session wins!!  I also put a blank sheet of bugs in case you wanted to adhere velcro to the bug jar as a token board.  The students can take a bug off when they say their speech sound or language target.  Once all the bugs are off the bug jar, they can earn their prize or activity.

I spy funI am also taking my little kindergarten and 1st graders on a nature walk and we are making “nature walk books” with my freebie that you can access by clicking the picture above!

ants go marchingWe are also making “ants go marching” hats in my therapy room.  Use this FREEBIE to target “has” in grammatically correct sentences, following directions with “cut around” the ants, giving one step directions using the ants such as “put an X above the ant with the sandwich” and explaining the process for making the craft with correct speech sounds.  Click the picture above to grab that freebie!

What do you have planned this week for therapy?

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