I am here today to talk about a new app from Smarty Ears that is very useful for my caseload.  Every year I have many 1st-3rd graders that are working on syntax and morphology goals.  It can be hard sometimes to find new materials to use with these kids to keep therapy fun and fresh without taking away from verb practice.  Today, I am here to share about iPractice Verbs app and there is a GIVEAWAY!!

smarty ears iverbsAll of Smarty Ears apps are very user friendly.  I love how I can have multiple users saved in the application and it is very easy to take and keep data for progress monitoring.  Here is a great video tutorial that I watched to help me get acquainted with all the features of this app.

photo 1You can add student’s simply by clicking “add new player”.  I love that I can use multi-players and be able to keep track of all the students while using this application.  No more sticky note data collection for me!

photo 4There are 158 verbs at the word, phrase and sentence level.  I love that there are real pictures in this app!  This app is very useful for groups of students that are at different levels because you can use this one activity with everyone.  This app covers regular and irregular verbs along with morphological markers of past, present, and present progressive markers.  There is a flash card or find it activity that you can chose from.  The “find it” activity is for receptive language practice, which is a nice feature for your kiddos who aren’t ready to generate sentences.

photo 3This is a “verb” example at the sentence level.  Students have to generate a sentence with “deliver” and if they get it correct, you click on the green check.  It give the student a star for every stimulus item that is correct.  This can also be used with your vocabulary students in the group to talk about verbs or describing people or items in the photo.  I like that I can adapt the use of the photos if I have a mixed language group.

photo 2Here is an example of the student’s accuracy data sheet after a session.  This is one of my favorite features because I can go back and see a student’s progress!

photo 5After a session, you can pull up a student’s profile and see their progress, show them their sticker page or generate a certificate of completion.  The other cool feature about this app is that you can print, email and export all data information on your student’s for easy progress monitoring information.

photo 2Student’s can earn stickers as they master different skills.

photo 3There is also an option where you can print out certificates after students have met their goals.  It is nice to celebrate a student’s success!  You can grab your own copy HERE!  This is definitely an app that you would use a TON because I have never gone a year without having a student on my caseload that needed to work on sentence structure and verb tenses!!  The wonderful people at Smarty Ears gave me an extra copy of iPractice Verbs app, so enter below for a chance to win your own copy!!

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to complete a review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.
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