Today, I have a game that will make you want to go head to the kitchen to prepare some real pancakes for yourself.  pancake pile up 1Educational Insights created Pancake Pile-Up relay game to serve as a fun activity to work on balance, coordination, simple sequencing, and team work.

pancake pile up 2

This game comes with 10 Pancakes in 5 different flavors-blueberry, strawberry, banana, chocolate chip and plain, 10 order cards, griddle game boards, and two spatulas.

pancake pile up 4To play the game, you need at least 2 players.  Each player gets a pancake order and act as the servers.

pancake pile up 3Both teams run back and forth collecting the correct pancake and stack them up.  The first player/team to complete their order wins!

I found some books that would be perfect to read with our little speechies before playing this game. One of my favorites is If You Give a Pig a Pancake.  My kids love that book and it is the perfect book to work on items in the breakfast group as well as cause/effect.

How I would use in therapy:

  • Read a fun book about pancakes in the therapy room and then play the game as a fun reinforcer.
  • We used the pancakes in the game to practice describing by attributes.  We also brainstormed other items that are round and items that we eat for breakfast.
  • You could use the pieces in the game to work on pretend play, initiation of conversation, and turn taking.  One person could be the waiter, the other is the customer.  You can work on “please”, “thank you”, asking for help at a restaurant and all the fun vocabulary around cooking pancakes.
  • Work on more/less with your students by handing different amounts of pancakes to different students.  They have to count them up and figure out who has more/less.
  • Use the pancakes as a visual reinforcer for when the activity will be completed.  The student practices their speech target and then gets to flip a pancake over. Once all the pancakes are flipped over the activity is completed!
  • Hide the pancakes around your speech room.  The student has to use “preposition” words to get more clues where the pancakes are located such as “is the pancake under the desk.”  Once the students find all the pancakes, play the relay game as a reinforcer!
  • Use the pancakes as visuals for phonological awareness tasks.  Each pancake is a sound.  When the sound needs to change, have the student swap a new pancake in there to represent the new sound and word.

Grab this game for $17.99 at Educational Insights or purchase on amazon (affiliate links provided).