I am a very purposeful person when it comes to have “decorations” in my speech room.  I want my room to have some flavor, but I also what it to be functional for the needs of my students.  Creating a social skills bulletin board for your room is a great way to to do just that! Now, that I am at the middle school level and I have MANY students on my caseload working on social skills.

social skills bulletin board for speech therapists that want to have visual supports for pragmatic therapy. #slpeeps #schoolslp #speechtherapy #speechtherapybulletinboards #autism #socialskills #sped

I made this social skill bulletin board to be a visual reminder for my students about communication and “making impressions”.  I also wanted something that other professionals could see when they walked in the room.  This is a great way to share about all the skills we speech therapists cover in the speech room. What do you think of my social skill bulletin board?  It was pretty easy to assemble and turned my bare wall into something eye catching!!

social skill bulletinI found these cute bulletin borders at the $1 store and thought they would be perfect for adding some color to my room.  In this bulletin board pack, I created color options for green, blue, pink, orange and gray.  I went with green and blue!  It includes making impressions, a title “The Key to Great Communication” with the four steps of communication as well as a visual poster to identify “what’s my impression?”


social skills bulletin board for speech therapists and special education teachers working on social pragmatics.

I think it turned out great!  I printed everything on cardstock and laminated for durability. This added so much color to my room!  It has the bonus of serving as a visual teaching tool as well as show parents/educators another aspect of what this Speech Pathologist does!

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