hot chocolate phonology long pin 2What kid doesn’t love a warm cup of hot chocolate filled with marshmallows?  I have two little kindergarten students on my caseload with persisting phonological processes and knew that I need to create some holiday activities that could be used ALL winter long.  Thus, hot chocolate phonology evolved!

hot chocolate minimal pairsThere are 95 minimal pairs to work on different phonological processes.  You can work on remediating fronting, cluster reduction, gliding, final consonant deletion, and stopping!  You could still use these with some of your single sound error kids as well.  I included some fun game cards to make practice a little bit more entertaining.  You can also play therapist vs. student.  If the student can say his/her target sound on the minimal pair card, the student wins the hot chocolate card. If he/she says it incorrectly, the therapist wins the card. Whoever has the most cards is the winner.

hot chocolate roll and coverI also included these fun hot Chocolate Phonology Sound game boards & word list (blank game boards included to customize). It is roll & cover game style and you just use BINGO chips, tokens or real MARSHMALLOWS!  The sound boards included initial, medial and final words with pictures for the following sounds: /k, g, f, s-blends, final sounds, l, sh, ch, s/.  My other idea for this is to cut out and laminate the hot chocolate strips and turn into bookmarks that they can have at home with them to practice.  Just laminate two of the strips front and back and you got 10 words to practice at home!

What do you have planned for therapy this winter season?

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