15 SLP must havesI am starting a new series called SLP “must haves” where I share resources and materials that you MUST HAVE if you are an SLP.  So, for my first post of this series, I wanted to recap some blog posts that I think you MUST read from 2014!  Take some time while sipping a hot beverage and check them out.  It is inspiring to read what other SLP’s are doing in their job setting!  I like to follow lots of blogs on Bloglovin’ because I can quickly scroll through lots of blogs in one place to find posts that may spark my interest or have therapy ideas for my students.  Soooooo, in no particular order, here are my recommendations of 15 PRETTY DARN GREAT, SUPER AWESOME, FABULOSO blog posts from 2014.

dearparentsSpeech Time Fun wrote a great “letter” to parents sharing insights from an SLP.  It is a wonderful post to check out if you are a parent with a child who has a speech and/or language disorder.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-27-at-7.30.04-PM-300x224I work with middle school students, so this post from Teach Speech 365 was just what I needed to read because she had a great idea for banishing the ever so dull answer to the question “what did you do over the weekend?”.  Go check it out.  Genius!

iStock_000027402427SmallHave you had a discouraging day as an SLP?  If you said, yes, then you need to read this post from Busy Bee Speech.

Untitled5Allison’s Speech Peeps shared a great post about putting away your data binder from time to time and engaging your students during therapy!  Data is always a must for therapy, but it was very insightful what Nicole discovered when she was filming some of her sessions for feedback.  Go check it out!!

Slide16The Speech Bubble SLP shared some fun little tips and tricks that you can do in your speech room with every day items!  Loved this!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.00.21 PMThis post is for every SLP out there!  I know Queen’s Speech is referring to the 5th year burnout in our jobs as educators, but I need this pep talk yearly!!  She gives some great pointers about finding balance in your life.  One of those great posts that helps remind you that you aren’t the only one pondering if working at Starbuck’s might be the better route to go with your career.

Screenshot-2014-10-18-10.33.19Super Power Speech did a great post about teaching pronouns and how this may be difficult if working with students who are exhibiting gender variance.  I too, come from a long line of non-conforming women, so this was a great read!!

securedownloadThis post from Simply Speech was perfect for me to read because I have a 2 1/2 year old at home.  Although, I don’t work with the super young ones, it is always nice to find ideas on how to expand my own children’s vocabulary.  I wish she posted this earlier in the year because I had some non-verbal kindergarteners last year that would have totally benefited from a photo vocabulary builder book!

SurvivingAlthough I am not in my clinical fellowship year, I really enjoyed reading Let’s Talk Speech Therapy‘s post about “thriving” during your CFY instead of just surviving through it.  As someone who had to start the year off at a new sites, much of her advice applied to me!

Slide1Speech Room News provides some insights and reflections about working as an SLP.  She shares 5 bible scriptures that are important to her.  It was a great reminder about how I want God’s love to shine through me with my students.

stepping out of comfort zone part 1 middle schoolI went back to middle school students this year after being in an elementary setting for the past 3 years.  SLP Natalie Snyders shared a great post about leaving your “comfort zone” and working with middle school students.

Slide12-300x300I think Speechy Musings and I share the same love for Teachers Pay Teachers.  She wrote a great post about why she loves Teachers Pay Teachers.  For those that haven’t taken the plunge in purchasing items, you need to read this!  I know my therapy has improved significantly since I purchased off this site.

photoSLP Runner shares how you can use everyday items to expand language!  This is my kind of therapy.  I love therapy ideas that does not make me prep or go out and buy more items.

Slide11 Speech2U reminded me of how powerful my words can be when speaking with a child or teenager.  It is easy to get impatient with my students and nit pick all the undesirable things that may be going on with them.  Reading this post helped me to remember to highlight positives and strengths in my client before emphasizing the not so great moments.

change of selfMy SLP Self Reflection post was all about the importance of self reflection of your job and therapy!  I included some freebie forms that you can print and fill out!  Halfway through my year, I am depleted of energy.  Self reflecting helps get my positive feelings back into motion!

I am looking forward to a new year and new blog posts from all the fabulous bloggers out there in cyber land.  Blogs have improved my therapy significantly, so I encourage you to continue staying connected with the speechie blogging community.

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