Slide1I have a small elementary caseload that I am covering this year.  Most of my cuties have articulation goals, so we try to get LOTS of productions in during the session.  I see a couple of them for a 5 minute articulation session and then another time during the week in a group.  It is imperative that we stay focused during those sessions because I want lots of practice going on with these students, so that they can meet their goals.  If one little lady or gent begins to get off task aka silly, then it affects the productivity of the whole group.  After giving warnings and many “please, stop talking, messing around, getting out of your seat, etc.”, an idea popped in my head (this happens from time to time, lol).  All of a sudden, I blurt out, the next time I have to ask you to stop__________,  you will have a speech fine and owe me 10 words to practice.  Well, the next time came and I said “you just got a speech fine.”  Read off 10 of your words.  It worked!  I got 10 productions (woot!) and the rest of the session went without a speech fine or off task behavior.

speech fines blogThroughout the next couple of weeks, from time to time, I had to give some speech fines.  It was great because I was able to call the student on their behavior, give a quick consequence that ultimately benefited the student (speech practice) and then move on without causing a big reprimand.  Now the kids know, if they mess around, they will owe me with more speech practice.

speech fines in a deckOver break I was able to make these cards to use in my groups.  I am just going to put them in a stack near the table and hand them out as needed.  What I love the most is you don’t know which card you may get, which can mean 10 word production fine or a 60 word production fine!  I also included language fines as well as a sheet of blank speech violation cards, so you can customize as needed!  What do you think?  Would this work for one of your groups?

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What tricks and tips do you have when it comes to behavior management with your speech kiddos?  I would love for you to share!  Email me at with your insights.

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