monday's motto little humansMy Monday’s Motto is all about those “Little Humans” we serve day in and day out (yes, middle school and high school students are still little humans). A few weeks ago, my charter elementary site had a teacher development day and they showed us this video! (amazon affiliate links included).

After seeing the video, I NEEDED to have that book for myself because I loved the photos and the message that it shared. Sometimes as educators, and parents we forget that our “little humans” we teach and care for are growing and achieving awesome things every day.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the “small” accomplishments they have made.  As adults, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees when we, ourselves are bombarded with all the stresses “life” can bring.  I have those days when I can barely take care of my own setbacks, let alone my “little humans” trials.

“Little Humans” can do BIG things and we have the great privilege to walk along side them as they develop their own personalities, character, skills and purpose for this life.  We get to see them fail, show love, laugh, cry, succeed, learn and teach.  Sometimes going through the process with them is one tough, scary ride, but the positive results always make it worthwhile.  I have just finished my spring break and I needed this reminder for the week that my BEST me needs to shine through till the end of the year.  I especially need to save that extra BEST me for my “little humans” at home.  When my energies are spent bringing love and positive feelings, all is better in the world.  Some of the most effective medicine for me is when I see one of my “little humans” smiling and laughing.  It just brightens my day and helps me to push forward.

I challenge you this week to take some time to reflect how you have changed a “little humans” life in a SMALL BUT MIGHTY WAY!

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