heart overwhlemed lord

I am back with a new Monday’s Motto that will hopefully help ya get through the week.  To be frank, I am overwhelmed.

Transition knocked on my door yet again, and I moved from the middle school setting to two elementary sites this year.

Although, elementary students are my “comfort and joy”, joining a new staff, with new students and new procedures is overwhelming. I have been out in the field for 8 1/2 years, but every time I start a “new” assignment, I feel like that newbie SLP with a continuous thought running in my head, “I wonder if Starbuck’s would hire me again?”

The main overwhelming roadblock this year is scheduling all of my new students without knowing them! That and being flooded with emails at the beginning of the year with new referrals and additions to my caseload.  Oh ya, did I mention all those trainings and staff meetings that I had to attend before school started (precious time away from scheduling the caseload). Oh right, I forgot about the list of students whose IEP’s need to be held by the end of August (better get on scheduling those).  Did I mention that the speech therapist covering thet site last year, left mid year? Clean up on aisle 3 please!

Then, when I actually had some time to myself , I looked at the master schedule and realized I am going to have to work around 6 different instructional schedules (did I mention core academics are off the table?).

Let’s not even discuss the angst I am feeling about transitioning back to those 5:30am wake up calls 5 days a week! And these are just elements I face at work! Life in general is filled with transition and when both worlds collide, it can suck the joy right out of me!!

When I am not ready for those bumps in the road, life becomes one big, giant traffic jam, bringing me to a dead stop!

If you are just starting out as a CF SLP, an SLP coming back after staying home with children for many years or you are moving to a new age group or site, you are probably OVERWHELMED just like me!

When I become too overwhelmed many fun behaviors emerge within me:

  1. I yell at my own children more.
  2. I am critical and moody with my husband.
  3. I allow self reliance to interfere with letting others help me during hard times.
  4. I want to share about all the ways people have done me wrong.
  5. I feel like God is forgetting me and lose sight of the blessings he has poured into my life.
  6. Should I go on because there more?

Don’t worry folks, God has been working on me this year lol, so crazy woman doesn’t stay long.  I have been building strategies into my life to help reduce these unwanted behaviors.  When times are tough, I remember that the LORD has my back.  He will help carry the burdens and I don’t have to hold on to those things alone.

God has been showing me to make a workout schedule, so I can make sure to keep my energy levels up (I need extra energy for my own family).

God has been teaching me to rest.  At the end of the work day, it is okay to STOP working mid task and finish it up in the morning when my mind and body are fresh again. My husband is the best at letting me have 20 minutes of alone time if I have told him my day was super overwhelming.

God has been reminding to pray and confess when things are tough.  Just letting God know my situation and asking for his help brings down my stress. I think it helps me remember that I am human and not perfect.

God has been teaching me to let go of control. When too many things start changing in my routine or when I feel I have lots of expectations that I know I can’t meet in a timely manner, I get a little twitchy.  Not in the neat freak, OCD sort of way, but one of the mentioned behaviors above will start letting lose. God is in control of my life.  I forget that when I am overwhelmed!

Guess what ladies and gents!  My speech schedule is completed (rough draft version, you know how that goes) and I started seeing students.  On Friday, I was able to finalize scheduling some IEP’s and testing a couple of students.  I also had time to organize my materials and get some bulletin boards up.  I even made it to 2 workout classes this week. When I finished work, I took my kids to the park a couple of times and we spent time together before bed (I left the kitchen mess). Is everything pinterest perfect in my speech sites yet?  Heck no! Did my students leave with smiles on their faces? Heck yes they did…..because my spirit was focused on God and loving on my new students.

Now……time to armor up and do it all again this week. It’s a battle! I know in a couple of months I will adjust to all the new changes and things will flow more evenly.

My prayer this week is that I will look the LORD when I am overwhelmed. I pray that for all of you as well!  When our hearts become overwhelmed, may we be led to THE ROCK that is higher than us.