Last year I started a tradition where I share some of the best speech therapy posts of the year.  For me, reading blog posts from other SLP’s helps keep me inspired and innovative.  Grab a hot beverage, curl up with your laptop and get your reading on!

best speech therapy blog postsHere are the best speech therapy posts of 2015 that I think you should read!

best speech therapy blog posts of 2015Ya, ya, ya…I know….who puts their own blog post on the list of best blog posts of the year without looking a little presumptuous? It’s biased, I know, but this was my MOST favorite blog post to write and I got the most views on this post.  I think you will like it. I chuckled a lot when I wrote this one.

0649a3c4ac7277b45835751d308364e5Speech Room News has some fabulous ideas for how to treat and work on “mumbling” with students!

dental floss pick main imageI have at least 10 kids on my caseload with /r/ goals, so when I read this tip on how to get the correct /r/ placement from Natalie Snyders, it was like Christmas came early!

time saving tips and tricks to keep your speech therapy room organized

I always need tips for how to organize my “stuff” in my therapy room, so I LOVED this post from Rock Chalk Speech Talk.

Honest-Career-AdviceNicole from Allison’s Speech Peeps writes about the future of some of our students with speech and language delays.  She hits on some serious issues that helped me to see my student’s with new eyes.


I do the best therapy planning when I can collaborate with other SLP’s.  My favorite blog posts are when real SLP’s share what they are going in speech.  Live Love Speech shares all her fun ideas for the whole year!  Super creative.

5ways1Busy Bee Speech gives us some good tips about how to be good communicators in the work place! It’s easy to forget best practices when interacting with our co-workers.

Dear ParentI loved reading this post from Rachel from Let’s Talk Speech Therapy.


Even though I am not an Early Intervention Speech Therapist, I love reading about Danielle’s journey as an EI therapist.

Screen-Shot-2015-12-05-at-11.31.58-AMTeach Speech 365 reminded me how complex being a speech therapist is at times!


Some of my most favorite blog posts to read about are new therapy resources and ideas for how to use them!  Speech Time Fun shares about how to use wordless books in therapy!



Reading this blog post from The Speech Bubble SLP helped give me perspective about why it can be so difficult for some of our students to master the correct production of speech sounds.

Well, there you have it!  Those were some of my favs.  What blog posts did you enjoy reading during 2015?






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