Easter is this coming Sunday and I am not yet on Spring break #boo.  I have one more week to do therapy, so I decided to bring some Easter sensory bins into the therapy room.  My kids are loving my sensory bins! If you haven’t my recent blog posts about sensory bins, check out my  March sensory bins and Insect Sensory Bins.

easter sensory bins

Making an Easter sensory bin is super easy!  I found all my supplies at the dollar store and the Target dollar spot!  Check out my periscope video to see some of the dollar store Easter sensory bin goodie you can add.

easter sensory bins #1

I found these bunny erasers at Target and snatched them up! I am sticking different amounts of the erasers in each egg and then students get to pick an egg from my basket.  The student with the most bunnies wins!  This can be used for a reinforcer activity or to work on requesting, counting, basic concepts more, less, and most.  You can target verbs: hop, jump, open, pick, find, close, more, look, run, hide, etc.

easter sensory bins #2

I have a very diverse cultural population with many different religions and backgrounds, so one of my ideas (includes a free printable) is a non-religious activity for those of us that can’t use an Easter theme. I call this my baby chicks sensory bin.  I found a little squeezable chick at Target, which is my momma chick.  She is waiting patiently for her baby chicks to hatch!  I made a printable that includes a game option as well as an adjective sheet and some sounds I treat most often with my little speechies.

Click Here to download

easter sensory bins #3For my social skill groups, I am filling my eggs with strips from my Social Skills Break Curriculum.  You can fill these eggs with any stimulus items!  Add in strips for following directions, verbs that they have to create sentences with, synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, etc.  I have also seen on pinterest people writing with sharpie on each side of the egg and students have to hunt for the correct match!

Click Here to download

What do you all have planned for therapy this week?  I always love finding last minute therapy ideas to make the week fly by with engaging intervention!!


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