When I was first starting during my clinical fellowship year as an SLP, I did not know about speech blogs, let alone have pinterest and teacherspayteachers to find valuable therapy resources to serve my students.  If I had teacherspayteachers (TPT) 9 1/2 years ago, I know how I would spend $100 on TPT! At each of my schools, I had two shelves of materials, that’s it! Fortunately, my school district let me do a little shopping, but my order didn’t arrive for another two months.  To say that my speech therapy sessions got a little creative at times was an understatement!

How I Would Spend $100 on TPT

Some of you are probably thinking “But, I don’t have an extra $100 lying around to spend on materials!”.  I get it! One way to get the affordable resources you need is to use your stipend/budget that you get from your school district. A school district I worked for also had medi-cal funds that they allowed the SLP’s to access, so you can also use those funds to purchase TPT materials. TeachersPayTeachers has a specific link on their website for school districts with PURCHASE ORDER forms!  If your district doesn’t give you a budget, let me just say “That is a BIG bummer.”  If that is the case, then I recommend setting aside $10-20 of your income budget to start stocking up on TPT resources.  The time and stress spending money TPT resources is worth every penny because then I have extra space in my heart, mind and soul to do what I love….teaching kids to be better communicators.

How I would spend $100 on TPT


This is how I would spend $100 on TPT, the SLP’s Resource Guide for Elementary speech therapists.

AAC CORE boards and visualsFor $18, you can get TONS of visuals, low tech communication boards and functional communication books for all your students needing low tech tools for functional communication.  It will save you time and help you know where to start with therapy!

How I would spend $100 on TPTThis fun speech book from Nicole Allison is only $3 and what I used for the first day of speech therapy.  It was great first day activity and covered everything that I wanted my students to know about coming for speech. You know how I love FLIPBOOKS!

How I would spend $100 on TPTI love the therapy log sheets, data graphs, RTI forms and letters home to parents in this pack!  For $5 (the price of a Starbuck’s drink), you can be organized for the year. Grab this HERE!

How I would spend $100 on TPTMy Social Skill Breaks Activities are an easy go to for any therapy lesson. I love that I have social skill materials ready for those days when I can’t always plan everything out.  These are $11.50 and can easily be used in mixed group or push in therapy.

How I Would Spend $100 On TPTThis pack from Jenn Alcorn is only $6 and it will save you tons of time when trying to progress monitor or informally assess how a student is doing with the Common Core Speaking & Listening standards.  This helps me to know if a student is ready to graduate speech or areas that I can write new goals. Grab this resource HERE!

How I would spend $100 on TPTI work on categories weekly, so this Grab N’ Go Categories Pack is just the resource I need for on the go therapy.  For $7.50, you have the ability to target categories receptively and expressively.

How I would spend $100 on TPTThese handouts from Natalie Synders were so helpful in to have in IEP meetings and they are only $10.  Parents really liked the information and I was able to showcase my knowledge about the field with these print n’ go handouts.

How I would spend $100 on TPT

I decided that I want all organization papers in one spot! So, I bought this Ultimate SLP Planner for $12! It’s editable and has tons of forms that you can customize based on what you want.  Taking mine to a supply place to have them bind it this summer, so I am ready when school starts.

How I would spend $100 on TPT

Fluency Binder For Speech Therapy from Lauren (Busy Bee Speech) has been a life saver for my students who stutter.  It makes therapy a breeze to plan and the students get to take their binders home at the end of the year! This is $15 well spent.  Grab this resource HERE!

How I would spend $100 on TPT

Articulation Stories by Speech Time Fun are an awesome print n’ go resource that can be used with mixed groups! Mixed groups are my life…can never avoid them, so I love how I can have one story that can target artic, grammar, wh-questions, vocabulary, etc.  This resource is $10 and will be a life saver when IEP season strikes.

How I would spend $100 on TPT

Visuals To Go from The Speech Bubble SLP are perfect for my on the go therapy.  This set is $2.75 and will provide you with visuals to teach TONS of skills.  This allows me to use books, games, task cards, etc. and still have visual supports for my students.

How I would spend $100 on TPT

Drumroll……so you can get all these amazing resources for $100.75.  I know, I know……I went over by .75, but if you purchased this during a site wide sale, you could actually buy some more goodies!

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I realized that I use TPT so much that I wanted to make a quick planning sheet, so I can see what my caseload will need for accessing resources. You can download it by clicking on the photo above or the orange “click here” icon.

What would be on your $100 TPT list of must have resources?