I love incorporating books into speech therapy. It is the easiest way for me to teach themed vocabulary without having to prep anything! Summer books are filled with picture scenes that have summer vocabulary to teach. I don’t think I could never have enough books to teach summer vocabulary! #professionalbookhoarder

Need books to teach vocabulary and summer themed vocabulary? Here is a list of top recommended summer books for kids to build vocabulary in speech therapy

Why Using Summer Themed Vocabulary Is Beneficial For Language Therapy

Choosing vocabulary words that align with the summer theme helps students remember them better! They can draw on their own experiences when recalling the vocabulary words and use examples from the books that you read them about summer! Summer is also a theme that all kids have experienced, so they can relate a lot better to the vocabulary and content surrounding that theme. You can also teach word relationships and word associations for these themes which is an evidence based strategy for building vocabulary! I love doing word webs to discuss word associations for the beach, camping, fourth of July, summer, and vacation! With word relationships, you can take a word such as “popsicle” and think of a descriptive word for the word such as “sweet”. Then, the students can think of an antonym for “sweet”. My Summer vocabulary and grammar activities for K-2 pair well with most summer books that allow students those extra exposures to summer vocabulary that they need. Did you know that kids with language impairments need up engage with new words up to 32 times to master it!? I figure if I am working on the same seasonal themes as the teachers, then that increases those vocabulary opportunities.

There are waaaayyy more language skills that you can target with books using summer themed vocabulary. I love teaching inferencing, predicting, grammar, articulation carryover, story retell and comprehension! Here are some books to teach summer vocabulary that I love incorporating in my speech therapy lessons (amazon affiliate links included).

10 Books To Teach Summer Vocabulary

1. Beach Day By Clarion Books

books to teach summer vocabulary

Beach Day is probably my most favorite beach themed book! It is written with a rhyme sentence structure, so it isn’t that long of a book. Why I LOVE the book is because the pictures are filled with lots of people and activities that a person may do at the beach. It is great for teaching beach vocabulary as well as creating sentences about what the people are doing. I love that this could help with teaching word associations and the visual supports are already built in with the book, so you don’t have to worry about prepping visuals for your lesson.

2. A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee By Chronicle Books

books to teach summer vocabulary

Camping is a favorite past time by a lot of people during the summer months! A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee is a great book teach about all those camping vocabulary words. It has a fun, vivid pictures, a bear, camper, Mr. Magee and his cute dog, Dee.

If you need camping resources to pair with this book, I have some fun camping activities including a S’mores craftivity in my Summer Craftivity Set! You can also make a fun lantern craft too. Check out my tutorial for how to make a lantern by clicking the youtube video (I know it is for Chinese New Year’s, but I use that craft for camping lanterns too).

3. All You Need For A Beach By Silver Whistle


All You Need For A Beach talks about all the things that is needed for the beach. It has a fun rhyme to the verses and doesn’t take too long to read. After reading a beach book, I have my students draw a picture of what they would do at the beach. Then, I have them add glue to the paper and we sprinkle sand to their beach scene. We work on the vocabulary and describing words for the different items in their pictures.

4. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell by Lucille Colandro

books to teach summer vocabulary

The “old lady” books series are great for story retell. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell is great because it uses similar sentences throughout the book, so it helps those kids that need to hear vocabulary many times. I think this book is also great for students working on /s/ and /sh/.

5. When A Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore


I love using When A Dragon Moves In to teach beach themed vocabulary, work on inferencing and perspective taking. This book is all about a boy who is pretending that his sand castle has a dragon inside it. He talks all about the things he does at the beach with the dragon. The boy’s family doesn’t seem to believe him when he tells them that it is the dragon who is eating the brownies and spraying sand at his sister. The pictures are very colorful and it is a great book to discuss pretend vs. real.

6. The Sand Castle Contest by Robert Munsch


If you want a book with a summer theme that is good for working on oral narration and story comprehension, The Sand Castle Contest  is a great book to work on those skills! This book is all about cool sand castles, so it is a pretty engaging book for students. I have a buried in sand craftivity that would go great with this book!

7. Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen


Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor is a great book to use to teach about the ocean. This book is filled with lots of fun facts and interesting pictures. I love that I can read the whole book during a session, or break it up into smaller sections over the week and only read 3-4 pages. This book is great for your 3-4th graders that may still need picture supports to help with comprehension.

8. Let It Shine by Maryann Cocca-Leffler


If you like to talk about a lot of different activities people do over the summer, then Let It Shine is the perfect book to read with your students. This book is great for answering themed wh-questions. They cover 4th of July, baseball games, the beach, swimming, camping and more in this book!

9. The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing


Lots of children go on vacation during the summer months. The Night Before Summer Vacation is a book that talks all about what happens the night before kids go on summer vacation.

If you need activities and resources that have a summer theme, I have a lot of great activities in my TPT store! My No Prep Summer Resource is a great time saver. What books do you use to teach summer themed vocabulary?


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