SLPs during the first week of school can be, well…..interesting. We have to be flexible those first couple of weeks back because things just change at a moment’s notice. Who am I kidding!? We have to be flexible ALL. YEAR. LONG. Although, that first week of school can be increasingly difficult to be flexible when transitioning back to managing a caseload. For some of you, a GIANT caseload.

SLPs on the week of school as told my Tom Cruise. A little humor on the speech life that speech therapists live in the school setting.

There are many emotions an SLP goes through during the first week of school. I thought, “What person could express those SLP emotions than Tom Cruise?”. Some of my favorite movies from him are Jerry McGuire, A Few Good Men, Far and Away and Minority report.

SLPs During The First Week Of School

It is always a little more fun to talk about the successes and challenges we face in the speech world through a movie clip!

1.When an SLP finishes their speech schedule for the year, it’s celebration time (at least until the next schedule change.)

2. Being told that you have to move all your stuff to a new room because they needed your space for something more important like a lab, or storage for curriculum or who knows what else.

3. Trying to convince the teachers to let you take their kids at a certain day or time for speech services.

4. The SLP is trying to find out how LARGE their caseload will be this year.

5. The SLP trying to find someone who will listen to them about needing supplies, tests, resources, trainings, etc.

6. The SLP trying to explain to their middle school students that you are there to help them improve their speech and language skills.

7. When your morning coffee completes you, so you can do your job proficiently that first month back.

8. Reminding your students that you are back and they have speech services.

9. When an SLP is on their 8th draft of their speech schedule, and a teacher or admin wants to change the schedule.

10. Making the rounds to all the teachers to share their student’s speech and language goals for the year.

Well, there you have it. Thank you, Tom Cruise, for helping me explain the life of a busy SLP to those that get it. What other emotions, successes, and challenges do you face during the first week back to school as an SLP?