Working as a SPED team can be hard at times. One day, we’re feeling confident and proud in our jobs and the next, we feel inadequate. Some days, I feel like a giant failure. And there are days when I do fail. Over the years though, I have found that the best SPED teams are the ones comprised of educators who strive to connect, show respect, have empathy, and encourage each other to do better. Today, I wanted to share 10 Ted Talks For Your SPED Team that can help inspire and get your team more connected.

10 Ted Talks For Your SPED Team - Inspirational Ted Talks that will help inspire your IEP team.

I know that I need inspiration to keep fighting the good fight to help my students become better communicators and learners. I have found that certain Ted Talks have helped me to keep going when I was down in the dumps. As a SPED team we have to have each others backs. Today, I wanted to share 10 Ted Talks For Your SPED team to watch to help build your partnership.

10 Ted Talks For Your SPED Team

1. The Power Of Vulnerability by Brene Brown is a great Ted Talk that shares about the power of vulnerability and having empathy for others. So often, we need this skill with our IEP team and with the families we work with during the year.

2. Everyday Leadership by Drew Dudley is a great reminder how we can be leaders every day just by being present and sharing our gifts with others. I know sometimes I can get down and turn to negativity. We forget that we can impact each other just by an encouraging word, a Starbuck’s coffee or listening to our teammates.

3. The Myth of Average by Todd Rose shares some very interesting views on education and how we should be engineering lessons for our students. It is a great reminder that we shouldn’t be teaching to the average student! I loved watching this one.

4. How To Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed by Daniel Levitin shares about our friend stress. He gives some good info about how keep things all in a row when everything goes wrong in your day.

5. A Guerilla Gardener In South Central LA by Ron Finley – shares his story about how he made a food forest in front of his yard to help better his community. He inspired me with his story because Ron saw a problem, got tired and took action. So often, we want someone else to take care of the mess. When we step in with the small daily actions, we can see change.

6. Every Kid Needs A Champion by Rita Pierson is an inspiring woman! She shares a lot of wisdom about how building a relationship with students can be a powerful tool in teaching.

7. Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance by Angela Lee Duckworth shares about the power of passion and perseverance. Students who have grit have shown to be the most successful in life. We can teach our kids about growth mindset and persevere when they fail.

8. How To Speak So That People Want To Listen by Julian Treasure shares some very good information about how to get people to listen to us. We want parents to follow our recommendations. SLPs want teachers to try strategies in the classrooms to help students with communication. SPED teachers want support from their administration and general education teachers.

9. What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew by Kyle Schwartz talks about how we can better listen to our students. Our children with speech and language impairments may struggle with communicating their ideas. Sometimes we overlook them, get frustrated with their behaviors or discount that they have something share that is important. This reminded me that my students are complex little humans who can teach me how to better connect and serve them.

10. Reimagining Classrooms: Teachers As Learners And Students As Learners by Kayla Delzer shares how we can change our mindset for how to teach students. I love her mindset and it has helped me with how I plan my speech therapy lessons.

Do you have any TED Talks that have been motivating or helpful for you as a SLP? I would love to know because Ted Talks help me to keep moving forward in my career as an SLP.