When the Spring weather starts to appear, so do all my favorite spring books. Today, I wanted to share how you can make an In The Tall Tall Grass Sensory Bin. I will share how to make your In The Tall Tall Grass sensory bin, where you can find the book and how to use the sensory bin in therapy. (amazon affiliate links included for your convenience)

In The Tall Tall Grass Sensory Bin for speech therapy

I am a big fan of using literacy to build language. As an extension activity, you can make a sensory bin that uses elements from the book In The Tall Tall Grass (you can find this book on amazon).

How To Make An In The Tall Tall Grass Sensory Bin


  • A bin or container of some kind. The Dollar Store has metal tins or you can find a container at Target that has clasps.
  • Black beans for dirt (or anything you can find that can look like dirt)
  • Green tissue paper, pasta dyed green, or green shredded paper for stuffing presents (found some at the Dollar Spot)
  • Small insects that you can find at The Dollar Spot, sometimes Target Dollar Spot, at Michael’s where they sell Toobs or on amazon with the insect Toob set, rabbit and frog in the Pet Toob, a bat from the Wild American Toob set, and the bird toob set for the hummingbird.
  • For all you SLPs on a budget, you can find printables from the book at Simply Speech and use those in the bin.


Another way to make “grass” for your sensory bin is to dye pasta green. I posted a quick video tutorial on my Facebook Page that you can watch and see how easy it is to make!

How To Use In The Tall Tall Grass Sensory Bin In Therapy

  • Articulation – practice your students speech sounds with the items in the bin. You can use simple sentence frames that have your student’s sound. Here are some examples:

-I spy _______ /s-blends/

-I see _______ /s/

-I caught _________ /k/

-I will get _________ /g/

-I like to play with _______ /l-blends/

Can you think of any more functional articulation carrier phrases?

In The Tall Tall Grass Sensory Bin is easy to make with black beans, bugs and green tissue paper


  • Story retell – Work on answering questions from the story as well as retell what bugs and animals were seen in the tall tall grass.


  • Grammar – Work on the verbs: hide, fly, crawl and see while playing with the items in the sensory bin.


  • Vocabulary – Have your students describe the insects/animals by attributes. Sort the insects and animals into two category groups. Or classify the objects by the insects/animals that can fly/have wings vs. those that crawl.


  • Basic Concepts – Target the concepts in/out, above/below, and next to with the insects and animals in the bin.


  • Functional Communication – Work on initiation, turn taking, requesting for items, making comments, protesting, sharing opinion or asking to be “all done” with an item.


In The Tall Tall Grass Sensory Bin and craft idea for speech and language therapy.

Click Here For Your Google Slides Freebie

If you want to make a hands on craft with the In The Tall Tall Grass, you can head over to Simply Speech on her easy tutorial and free printable for the craft. Speech Room News has a blog post with a similar craft too. I use this craft every year!

What are your favorite resources?

How would you use these sensory bin in therapy? What other spring books or sensory bins have you used? I would love to know!!

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