Some struggles that I have had in the therapy room are how to keep my students engaged and ways to target multiple goals in a session.

spring sensory bins for speech therapy

For my younger crowd sensory bins have helped solve this problem. If you are a sensory bin making SLP, then this post is for you! Today, I am going to share Spring Sensory Bins for speech therapy that will pair well with this season.

Just FYI…this post is a little longer because I think having the pictures of what your next Spring sensory bin can look like gives ya that inspiration to make it! I have an Ultimate Sensory Bin Guide for my newsletter subscribers that has insect printables and Easter egg themed printables that you can grab by going to my Sensory Bin page (The guide includes a LOT more printables). Now, let’s get inspired and see what kind of sensory bins you can make for Spring!

Spring Sensory Bins For Speech Therapy

#1. Make a sensory bin inspired by the In The Tall Tall Grass book. You can read more about this bin on my blog post HERE. Spring Sensory Bins For Speech Therapy using In The Tall tall Grass

#2. Make a fun weather sensory bin with a rainy day theme like Crazy Speech World did here. I love how she used colored paper to make it feel extra spring like! Here about her sensory bin HERE.

Spring Sensory Bin For Speech Therapy with a rainy day bin

#3. Everyone starts tending to their garden in the Spring season, so making a FUNctional articulation garden makes practicing your speech sounds hands on! Check out this articulation garden sensory bin from Speech Room News HERE.

spring sensory bins for speech therapy with a vegetable garden bin.

Flower Sensory Bins For The Spring Season

Simply Speech shares how to make a bin using materials from the Target Dollar Spot.

Spring Sensory Bins For Speech Therapy with flowersI love having sensory bins that can be easily adapted for articulation and language goals! Check out my Flower Garden Sensory bin.

spring sensory bins for speech therapy for gliding

Students working on remediating the phonological process of gliding, can use this fun flower sensory bin to practice from Allison Fors. Plus, it is a FREE download!

Spring Sensory bin for speech therapyYou can also go to the Dollar Store and buy fake flowers and mini planting pots to create a flower planting sensory bin!

Spring Sensory Bins for speech therapy

Spring Sensory Bins To Teach Vocabulary & Grammar

Spring Sensory bins for speech therapy

Ms. Gardenia’s Speech Room has a spring themed bin to work on wh-questions, vocabulary and more! I love the dirt as the bin filler!!

Spring Sensory Bins For Speech Therapy

I created a Spring Sensory Bin Companion that comes with printables to work on verbs, basic concepts, vocabulary and more! There are reinforcer sensory bin activities as well as an articulation themed bin. In my companion, I also include articulation and language cheat sheets to help you with implementing therapy without having to think of words in the spring season!

If you love doing seasonal therapy and using sensory bins, then you may want to invest in getting my seasonal sensory bin bundle HERE.

I love sharing other sensory bins from SLPs because it helps us with planning therapy. Better to have more inspiring therapy ideas to pull from, right!?

Need More Sensory Bin Inspiration?

For all of my SLPs out there that LOVE sensory bins, hop on over to my sensory bin pinterest board for more inspiration. On my Sensory Bin page, you can find lots of resources for making your next sensory bin, including my Sensory Bin Webinar that you can watch the replay on youtube.

If you are super busy and struggle with completing DIY therapy projects, then come join my 5 day Sensory bin email challenge! Each day, I give you a small “to do” to complete to get your next sensory bin up and running.