Many of our students with Autism need visual supports to help navigate their day. When we create routines and visually show them what is happening next, it creates a calm for our students. One thing SLPs can do to help support parents at home is to create these daily home visual schedules to send home with students. Scroll down to the pink button to grab this free daily home schedule.  (Amazon affiliate links are included for your convenience in this blog post.) I receive a small compensation for any purchases through those links.)
A lot of my students benefit from having a visual schedule, a first/then chart and a working for chart. That can be a lot of visuals to carry around, so I put them all on one sheet of paper. It can also be helpful for some children to only see a few activities at a time instead of the whole schedule at once. To grab this free schedule, click the pink button and enter in your email information. You will then get an email with your free daily home schedule.


It includes premade picture icons, tokens, and blank icon pages, so you can store those icons when they are not being used. There is an editable PDF that will allow you to make custom pictures for your student/child that have real photos of their bed, toys, and home or to add in different pictures that relate to your student or child’s daily routine.

Supplies to Make Your Daily Home Schedule

Use this free daily home schedule to create a visual schedule for your child that will help them navigate the day so there is less tantrums throughout the day and more productive interactions!
Here are the supplies you will need to make your daily home visual schedule:


Velcro Dots

White Cardstock

Binder Rings

Laminating Sheets

You will print out the main visual support and laminate it. Then, you will print out the 3 icon strips for morning, afternoon and evening. Laminate those sheets along with the premade icons. Print out the blank morning, afternoon, and evening activity sheets to put your premade icons. Once you have everything prepped, hole punch all the sheets and attach using the binder rings. There are more specific directions in the free download.


Need a daily home schedule for your child with Autism. Grab this free visual schedule to help your child navigate the day with ease!
I hope this was helpful for your home. Please reach out and share how it is working. You can find me on social media @thedabblingspeechie or you can email me at

I always love to hear how I can support SLPs and the parents of their students with visual supports and engaging materials to help your children/students make progress with speech and language skills.

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