Are you feeling overwhelmed with planning for your pragmatic language groups? In this week’s episode, I will guide you in steps to build a hierarchy to make preparing for these social skill therapy groups sessions less stressful by sharing how you use frameworks to not get overwhelmed coming up with activities. 


in this episode of the Real Talk SLP podcast:

You’ll hear:

  • Social pragmatic therapy and engaging ideas serve students struggling with social communications.
  • Where to start in planning your social skill therapy group lessons. How do you determine what is most efficient or effective for the student?
  • How to build a hierarchy to make planning for your social pragmatic language sessions more effective.

Social Skill Therapy Groups Made Easier!

If you are needing no prep social skill lesson plans to cover your upper elementary and middle school groups, check out these social skills activities! You will have a framework for setting up your social skills group therapy plans in minutes that you can use for several months.

These lessons will help you implement the social skills planning frameworks.

Resources to Help You Plan for Your Social Skill Therapy Groups

When considering your frameworks for planning think about how you can use real photos, wordless short videos, games, or TV/movie clips to use as your teaching or application content. Everyday Speech or Social Squad has videos and lessons that can help you plan each week, too!

Learn how to plan social skills groups lessons with frameworks!

For more information about planning social pragmatic lessons for your speech therapy caseload, these were mentioned in the episode:

If you have any resources or activities that you use to plan engaging pragmatic language lessons, comment below with what you do!

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