Taking a language sample for your speech therapy assessments can feel daunting because you are on a time crunch to get all your assessments done. And, if your students aren’t the most chatty, it can be really difficult to get those 50-100 utterances. Even though informal language samples can feel like a pain, it is a great assessment tool that can give you valuable information about your student’s language development. Today on the Real Talk SLP podcast, I have Allison Fors on the podcast to share her best tips for collecting a language sample!

Language Sample Tips Discussed in This Episode:

  • Language samples are critical for assessing one’s speech and they allow us to gather a variety of data to look at a student’s syntax, morphology, semantics, comprehension and narrative language. 
  • Tips for taking language samples
  • How to encourage student participation during a language sample
  • Tools and materials for collecting language samples

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