When October hits, everything seems to be coming at you at once, right? IEP meetings, referrals, progress reports due, and teachers needing support for their students. That leaves NO time for planning engaging speech therapy lessons. So, I wanted to share some easy and free Halloween speech therapy activities you can adapt for your mixed groups in October. If you love Halloween-themed speech therapy activities, this one will be perfect for younger and older students!

Halloween Speech Therapy Free Google Slides

Get these free Halloween speech therapy activities for your mixed groups!

So many cute Halloween costumes are floating around on Pinterest and Google Photos. So, why not use them as a Halloween-themed speech therapy activity? To keep things organized, adding your photos and Giphy to Google Slide templates is a great way to have an activity ready to go year after year. The templates include a variety of slides that you can customize:


  • Compare and contrast graphic organizer.
  • I see sentence starter and AAC CORE words slide.
  • Explaining if you would wear the costume to work on syntax and complex sentences, as well as explaining how to make the costume
  • Sentence starters for using the conjunction “because” to express opinion, reasoning, and conjunctions
  • Rate the costume to explain your opinion and describe by attributes.

Tech Tips for Using the Google Slides

You can duplicate the slide with the Google Slides templates to make multiple costume slides for your groups. It is worth the time to add pictures of Halloween costumes because once it’s prepped, you can pull it up over and over again in minutes!

To duplicate a slide, right-click your mouse and slide down to click duplicate. Then, go to Pinterest, Google Photos, or Giphy.com to search for Halloween costume pictures to add to your Google Slides. Adding a GIF is super easy and is explained around the 8-minute mark of this video. 


Make sure to prepare your Halloween costume pictures BEFORE students enter because there can be inappropriate GIFs or photos when searching. 

Use Halloween costumes to cover a variety of speech and language goals!

Tips for Adapting This Costume Activity for Speech and Language Goals

Easily cover your speech and language goals with these Free Halloween Google Slides templates.

If you have students working on speech sound goals, find Halloween costumes that have your student’s target speech sound. Give them a challenge list of words to use that are sound-loaded to describe costumes.


Have your students describe the costume by attributes and adjectives for vocabulary goals. Pick some tier II vocabulary words to discuss while talking about the costumes. Review the tier II vocabulary word definitions before pulling up the Google Slides. Encourage students to use the vocabulary words during the lesson. For example, you could use the words brilliant, prepare, fragile, inspire, or create while discussing the costumes.


Ask WH questions about the costumes.


Use this free sentence frame graphic organizer to build complex sentences about the costumes.

Create problems that the people could encounter while wearing the costume or trick-or-treating. Have students come up with solutions.

Discuss how to comment when you see someone in costume you love or don’t love. Share perspectives of tone of voice and how certain comments could hurt someone’s feelings. 


How Would You Use These Halloween Speech Activities in Therapy?

I would love to know how you would address speech and language goals on your caseload with these activities! Make sure to tag me @thedabblingspeechie if you use these with your Halloween-themed unit. 

Use Halloween costume pictures that have your students speech sounds for an easy Halloween articulation activity!