“Are we going to play a game today?” Words that many (if not most) pediatric SLPs hear at least one time a week. Games are a fun, low prep way to keep students engaged while working on their target sounds. For many school based SLPs, this is also a great way to work on several sounds in groups. I’ve compiled a list of CH articulation games to share with you! Keep in mind, you can make many of these games work for other sounds, too!


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CH Articulation Games for Preschool & Early Elementary

Get ideas for CH articulation games to get high trials in your sessions.

Here are some fun ch speech therapy games that will help you get high trials…


  • Hi Ho! Cherry-O is a classic game in which children spin the wheel, collect cherries for their bucket OR put cherries back. Students can practice the word “cherry” and practice the word in phrases and sentences, too. For example, they might practice “Two cherries” or “I have two cherries.” Students can also give you or other students directions like “Put two cherries back” or “Get three cherries.” There is a speech therapy cheat sheet for this game in the toy companion resource in my TPT store


  • In What Do You Meme? Toe Cheese Chase, students will flip cards and move across the board to outrun Toe Cheese. Students can practice “Get away Toe Cheese!” and “You can’t catch me!” Practice words such as cheese, chase, catch, touch and reach. A fun, simple game that will keep students engaged while practicing their ch sound!


    More CH Speech Therapy Games For Younger Students

    • Play Reel Big Catch with your students! They’ll catch fish and check how long the fish are. Which student caught the biggest fish? Students can practice “I want to catch a fish!” or “Let’s check how big the fish is.”


    • Chase is on the case for ch practice! Save Chase in Paw Patrol Don’t Drop Chase Game, which has similar rules to “Don’t Break the Ice.” Students can practice Chase in different sentences like “Don’t drop Chase” or “Chase is safe!” They can also “chip” away at all the ice. Ice is chilly so we don’t want Chase to fall! Which ice will they choose to hammer?


    • Chugga Choo is puzzle game in which children flip cards and match the trains based on color. Before flipping over a piece, your student(s) can practice “chugga chugga choo choo!” then practice “match the trains!” when they find the matching color. A simple but fun way to practice the ch sound while also working on other developmental skills.
    Great CH speech therapy games for getting high trials!

    SH and CH Speech Therapy Activities

    If you need more sound-loaded ch activities check out the SH, CH, and J articulation flipbooks and the SH, CH and J articulation carryover activities. They are designed to make sure you get LOTS of high trials in your speech sound sessions!

    CH Sound Speech Therapy Games for Older Students

    Get CH articulation activity ideas using sound-loaded speech therapy games!
    • Chompin’ Charlie is an exciting game in which students roll the dice and feed Charlie (the chipmunk) a matching colored acorn. Watch out for when he pops because the acorns will scatter from Charlie’s tree because you’ll want to reach and catch them to add to your secret stash! Students can practice these bolded words to practice their ch sounds in words and sentences.


    • Another classic, Go Fish, is also a fun way for children of all ages to practice the ch sound. Change the name of the game to “Get a catch.” Instead of saying “Go fish,” students can say “Choose a card.” You can also practice “I found a match!” Use these free Go Fish visual rules to help your students when playing!


    • Catch the Fox is a silly game in which children put chickens in the fox’s pockets and press down on his head. Suddenly, the fox will lose his panda which sends the chickens flying. The kids have to catch the chickens and return them to their chicken coops. When students roll the die, they can practice saying “chicken,” expand to phrases “two chickens,” or make a sentence with “I need to get two chickens.” Between turns, students can remind each other to “Watch out!” After they catch chickens, they can share how many chickens are in their coops.
    • Play What’s in Ned’s Head? And use items that have CH in them! For example, find figurines or mini objects  for cheese, cherries, wrench, ostrich, sandwich, statue, peaches, ketchup, cheeseburger, chipmunk, chair, bench, nachos. Come up with describing words like moldy cheese, rotten cherries, sour peaches, etc or have sound-loaded phrases such as I touched ____ I reached for the ____, I chose the ______.

    CH Articulation Games Online

    • For some online fun, complete the Baby chick maze! The chick hatches then needs to search for it’s mom. Students will have to “Watch out!” for logs and worms. This can be a challenge to reach  the mom. 


    • Play Online checkers with your students. Practice the word checkers when explaining the directions, “In checkers…” and pieces must reach the other side. Which checker will you choose to move? Which direction will your checker move? You can also buy Checkers for hands on play!


    • While ABCYa’s Make a Treehouse doesn’t have a CH sound built into it’s name. It has some opportunities for CH practice like “I choose this piece” or “Which do you choose?” The activity also requires choosing furniture. ABCYa has many other activities that involve making choices, too!
    Get ideas for ch speech therapy online games for teletherapy.

    Sh and Ch Games for Articulation Therapy

    Get ideas for sh and ch sound speech therapy games.

    There are so many fun and engaging CH articulation games that you can use with your students. Like I said before, we get asked “what game are we playing” so often, it’s nice to have plenty of options to choose from! What CH articulation games do you play with your students? Leave a comment or share with us on social media! If you have students working on SH, we have a list for the best SH sound-loaded games too.