10 Engaging Speech Therapy R Activities

10 Engaging Speech Therapy R Activities

Treating the /r/ phoneme can be tricky, tiresome, and annoying for the clinician and student! I haven’t met an SLP at the elementary, middle, or high school level that doesn’t need more speech therapy R activities for their caseload. Today, I will share ten engaging R sound speech therapy activities to help you get those high trials in therapy.

Before practicing R at the syllable, word, sentence, or conversational level, you want to ensure you have established a solid /r/ production. It benefits no one to continue drilling /r/ when it isn’t an accurate production. If you need more resources to establish the /r/ phoneme, keep reading because I share some great tools!

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Feeling Defeated about Teaching the R Sound?

The best advice I got from a veteran SLP when I asked how to teach a child to say /r/ was, “Just grab a pair of gloves, a tongue depressor, and hope for the best!”

In his office video clip, Dwight Schrute sums up most SLPs’ feelings about the /r/ phoneme!  He says, “R is one of the most menacing of sounds!  That’s why they call it murder and not muck duck!”  Those are my thoughts exactly, Dwight.

R Speech Therapy Techniques and Resources

speech therapy activities for treating r. Once you get an /r/ established, there are some great activities on TPT.

If you are looking for manuals and guides for how to teach R to your student, Pam Marshalla has two excellent books. The first book is called Successful R Therapy: Fixing the Hardest Sound in the World. You will learn tips for how to help your student use their jaw, lips, and tongue together to produce r. Pam Marshalla also has The Marshalla Guide: A Topical Anthology of Speech Movement Techniques for Motor Speech Disorders & Articulation Deficits, which is a fantastic resource for a spectrum of speech sound disorders. Not only does she include techniques for remediating the /r/ phoneme, but Pam also shares various techniques for many speech sound disorders. If you serve a caseload with various speech sound disorders, this may be a better fit for your needs, whereas the Successful R Therapy book is excellent for SLPs who treat R often with students. 

Here is a post by SLP Natalie Snyders about getting a good /r/. Some excellent ideas from Playing With Words 365 about teaching the /r/ phoneme.

The Peachie Speechie has some great videos for how to teach r that you can use in therapy with your students.

Speech Therapy R Activities

Not having engaging speech therapy R sound activities for your sessions can make the day drag along! That’s why I am sharing a round-up of ten engaging prevocalic and vocalic r sound activities to help you keep students motivated to practice. If you need tips for encouraging R carryover into conversation, check out this blog post

  1. For word, carrier phrase, and sentence level R sound practice, check out the prevocalic and vocalic r activities flipbooks. You can get high trials while working on the vocalic r that your students are stimulable for using correctly. 

2. Figuratively speeching has an excellent articulation placemat set that is great for sending home for additional practice. It provides activities for the whole week on one sheet with letters included to send home!

3. Whether you are doing teletherapy, in-person therapy, or need to build a speech home program, using the digital speech folders for R will help you customize syllable, word, sentence, and carryover activities in one spot! Once your student’s digital speech folder is set up, you can easily share the Google Slide presentation with the family or pull it up on your computer for ready-to-go therapy.

R Sentences Activities and R Activity Worksheets

4. Erik Raj has these super fun Mini homework sheets for articulation. These mini R articulation worksheets have great silly R sentence questions that students can read and discuss. One way to incorporate more R sentence level practice is to have your student ask a friend, teacher, and parent the silly question outside the speech therapy session.

5. To up your student’s motivation to practice R sentences, use the No Prep Articulation Sentence Challenge Sheets. Students will be excited to see if they can beat their last challenge score! Make sure your students go slow enough to achieve correct productions. Play 3 rounds to see if they can get more trials or correct productions.

R Words Sound Loaded Carrier Phrases

6. Need resources for R words sound loaded carrier phrases? Use the sentence strip visuals to practice R with similar carrier phrases such as “I want a ____.” or with sound-loaded R phrases for initial r, r-blends, and vocalic r.

  1. Miss V’s Speech World has an incredible 52 Weekly /r/ homework worksheets product that helps you get sound-loaded R practice in your session and a one-page R worksheet to send home for weekly practice. 

Speech Therapy R Activities for Carryover

8. To get those high trials when reading passages, you will have fiction and non-fiction passages ready using the R articulation carryover activities set. No more stressing about taking data because the R sound is counted for you to take data easily!

  1. Work on sequencing skills and explaining how to do something with sound-loaded R YouTube videos. You don’t have to spend time searching for videos because they have been organized as QR codes in the R Articulation carryover activities set. The best thing about these how-to YouTube videos is that they are mixed group friendly!
  1. One common core standard in classrooms is to work on comparing and contrasting. Comparing and contrasting occur when discussing characters in stories, scientific methods, and figurines in history. So, why not provide more opportunities for students to practice comparing and contrasting and practicing their r sound? Compare and contrast similar R nouns by attributes. If you don’t have time to think of word pairs, there are R flashcards in this set to help you save time

What R Speech Therapy Activities Do You Use With Your Students?

Sometimes speech therapy for r can get a little boring for the clinician and the student. When in a planning rut, it’s nice to find activities that will liven up the sessions. So, if you have a fun r speech therapy activity, share it in the comments!

Articulation Game That Gets 100 Trials

Articulation Game That Gets 100 Trials

If you are trying to get more trials in your speech sound sessions but want to keep your students motivated to practice, check out this free articulation game! Nothing makes a speech therapy session drag more than when students complain that they must practice their sounds repeatedly. It can’t be just me that has had this happen in their speech room.


You will learn how to use this game to get 100 trials and have kids asking to play it again next session!


Check out this post for more fun articulation activities that will get you 100 trials in a session. 

Does this sound familiar?

Finding activities and games that keep your kids motivated to practice over and over again can be tricky when you have a heavy articulation and phonology caseload.

And nothing is more tiring and boring than saying, “Say your _____ sound ten more times?” for the entire session. After the third speech sound group, I needed something fresh to keep ME engaged with the activity.

Articulation and phonology flashcards can only go so far, so when you switch things up with a no-prep speech therapy game, you are WINNING. Am I right, or am I right?

How to Play the Race to 100 Articulation Game

The game is called Race to 100. You first use a die to see which person can get all one hundred squares covered. When the student rolls the dice, they get to color or check off the number of spaces on their articulation game mat.

Before they cross their squares, that’s the number of times they have to practice their speech word. You can use a twenty-sided die to ensure you get to 100 within the session.

What is great about this game is you can use it with ANY goal, so it is mixed group friendly.

Click the button below to grab your free articulation game! The best way to use them is by printing and putting them in a plastic sheet protector or laminate. Pair it with your favorite dye and dry-erase marker, and you are good to go!


Articulation Materials that Pair Well With the Game

The beauty of this game is that you can use any flashcards or pictures you have on hand! If you need some high-trial articulation materials to use with the game, check out these resources:


Articulation Activities Flipbooks

Minimal Pair and Speech Sound Flashcards for I Spy

Low Prep Speech Sound Flashcards

What Speech Sound Games Do You Love to Use in Therapy?

Do you use some favorite low-prep games for articulation and phonology therapy often? Share in the comments, so other SLPs have more fun articulation games to use in treatment. One of my FAVE games to use towards the end of the school year is my articulation game for describing words. It’s a Name It type of game you can use with language describing goals. 


If you have a lot of cluster reduction or s-blend goals, these games have been great for getting a high number of trials. 

3 Ways To Use Articulation Flipbooks In Speech

3 Ways To Use Articulation Flipbooks In Speech

Having materials to use with group therapy can be tricky at times. If you are able to pair articulation and phonology students together, it can be hard to plan group lessons when all the students are working on a different sound, need a slightly different approach to therapy or are varying levels of skill mastery.

Let’s not even go down the mixed group situation when every student has a completely different target area lol.

These are the problems I face as a school based SLP. Then, on top of trying to increase repetitions, I also have to make time for data collection. It can be overwhelming especially if you’re caseload is growing past 55.

articulation flipbooks for speech therapy to help you increase repetitions, get your students engaged in articulation therapy and collect data with ease! #dabblingslp #slpeeps #schoolslp #speechtherapy #slps #articulationtherapy

Articulation Flipbooks Help You Lesson Plan Easily

I created interactive articulation flipbooks to have something I could consistently pull out for students to work on during the session. I felt much more confident as an SLP knowing that my students were focused on their goals even if I was working with another student. Students became familiar with the routine of the session because I used the flipbooks as a warm up or closing activity to the session.

3 Ways To Use Articulation Flipbooks In Speech

Use the word lists in the books as an auditory bombardment listening warm up for your students with phonological processes. Have student turn on their listening ears and listen to you model words with target sound. You can also have students identify if you produced the sound correctly (auditory discrim). Use the word lists as a guide, so you don’t have to rack your brain thinking of target words.

articulation flipbooks for speech therapy #dabblingslp #slpeeps #articulationtherapy #speechtherapy

When you need to progress monitor students or do a data probe, use these articulation flipbooks as an independent work station. When I did this with my kindergarten students, it was amazing to see them quiet and engaged in working on their sound. The kids seriously love using dry erase markers. In the picture above, I put dots for the productions that were correct for easy data collection.

Use articulation flipbooks to increase repetitions and progress with your student's goals.

I use the phrases and picture scenes to work on generalizing the student’s articulation skills beyond the word level.  If I have a mixed group, I will also use my flip books to work on building MLU and use the stimulus pictures to target vocabulary and grammar goals.

Lastly, these flipbooks can be loaned out to families and teachers to have available for students to practice in the classroom or home setting. This provides a clear and structured way your students can get daily practice in with his/her sound. Plus, the teacher will like that the activities have spelling incorporated in the book.

Want to Try Out Articulation Flipbooks With Your Students?

If you are new to interactive articulation flipbooks, try out my L Flipbook for FREE. You will see an increase in getting higher production repetitions in a shorter amount of time.

L articulation flipbook activity that is FREE. #slpeeps #schoolslp #speechtherapy #slps #speechies

And, I don’t know what it is about using dry erase markers, but adding that privilege of using them truly makes the kids more engaged with practicing. I am currently in love with Ultra Fine Dry Erase markers (amazon affiliate) for my articulation flipbooks.

How have you been utilizing my interactive articulation flip books in your therapy rooms?  I would love to see your pictures in action on instagram. Just tag me @thedabblingspeechie

Summer Speech Therapy Activities: TPT Round UP

Summer Speech Therapy Activities: TPT Round UP

Summer is just around the corner and it is a great theme to use in therapy!  Having summer speech therapy activities to send home as homework are perfect for those summer months.  If you are working this summer, then grab some summer speech therapy activities on TPT!!

summer speech therapy activities for SLPs, special education teachers and ESL teachers. Great for summer themes or summer school lessons.

I started using my summer themed resources this week and plan to use them till the end of May.  Check out my round up of free and paid TPT products that I have found to help plan therapy.  I have links categorized by target area, so you can easily find the items you need!

Summer Speech Therapy Activities

Planning speech therapy lessons is a whole a lot easier when you pick a theme! If I want to do a BBQ theme, then I try to find resources that will cover goals for my whole caseload. These summer speech therapy activities are listed by target area, so you can quickly find items in the areas you need for your summer theme.


Grillin’ Up Articulation: SH, CH, DJ

Grillin’ Up Articulation: S-blends & L-blends

Firework Artic FREEBIE K,G,F

Cool Minimal Pairs: s-blends

My Sound Castles for Articulation: ALL Sounds NO prep

Summer Themed BUNDLE No Prep Artic L,S,R,SH,TH,V

Flip Flop Articulation Matching Game

Let’s Go Camping: An Articulation Unit

Flip Flop Articulation Dot Art NO prep ALL sounds

Oceans of Words-Awesome Articulation Worksheets

Summer Color, Cut & Glue Articulation Activities for Early Developing Sounds

Summer Color, Cut & Glue Articulation Activities-Later Developing Sounds

Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Summer 6,900 words

Mini Speech Club Summer

Syllable Squeeze Multisyllabic Words for Speech Therapy

Interactive Smore Articulation Activity: Hands on speech therapy

Beach Hunt Interactive Articulation Sensory Tub Activity

Summer Later Developing Sounds: Articulation Games

Summer Early Developing Sounds: Articulation Games

Open Ended Games

Gone Camping FREEBIE Open Ended Board Game

FREEBIE No Print Pass the Prize Summer Edition

Summer Open Ended Games

Ready for Summer 3 games in 1

Lemonade Maker: Open Ended Reinforcemnt Game

All Around the Campground Game Board Set FREEBIE

Summer Open Ended Gameboards FREEBIE


Pronoun Fun with Rangers Rick & Susie FREEBIE

Speech Therapy Pronouns/Prepositions for Summer Grades Prek-1st

FREEBIE summer pronouns he, she, they, him, her, his, hers

Grammar Golf Grades K-8th

Summer People Sentences: 3rd Person Pronouns FREEBIE

Summer Complex Sentence Builder

Beach Grammar Activities for Speech Therapy Classrooms


Summer Time Grammar & Vocabulary Pack Grades Prek-2nd

Scoop Up A Delicious Story FREEBIE

Out In The Woods Cause & Effect Grades 1-5

Camping Out Categories Grades Prek-1st

Splash With Language Levels 1, 2, 3

BBQ Figurative Language

Summer Themed Preschool Speech & Language Pack

Summer Descriptive Sentence Fram FREEBIE

Fishy Guessing Similarities & Differences 2nd-5th

Summer Vocabulary Activities Grades Prek-K

Sailing Through Summer Speech Grades Prek-5th

That’s Fishy! Which Does Not Belong: Understanding Negatives & Associations FREEBIE Prek-1st

Summer speech FREEBIE: Gardening

Get Your Hamburger On-Visuals & Printables for Writing Intervention Grades 2nd-5th

Summer Vocabulary BINGO Grades Prek-2nd

Under the Sea Language Activities for Speech Therapy Grades K-7th

Summer Figurative Language Grades 3-8

Ice Cream Emotions- Feelings & Pragmatic Vocabulary Grades 4-8

Write-Say The Room Summer

Sweet Summer Speech & Language

Fun In The Sun: Beach Themed Speech & Language Activities

Summer Interactive Books

All Around the Campground Game Board Set

Buzzin’ True or False FREEBIE Grades 1st-4th

Summer Fun Language Grades 1st-6th

Speech Camp- Expressive Language Activities

No Print Splashing Into Language: Expressive & Receptive

Picnic Time Language

What Goes With Interactive No Print Categorization Associations

Camping Categories

Spring & Summer Stylist: Expressive/Receptive Language Activities Grades Prek-2nd

Say What? A Comprehension Activity Summer Edition Grades Prek-1st

Summer Print & Go Language Pack

Under The Sea: A Thematic Unit Grades Prek-K

Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts Targets Spring/Summer Edition Grades K-5th

Baseball Themed Language Activities K-6th

Sunny Packet of Language Fun

Greetings From Summer Camp: Listening for Details

Flip Floppin’ Into Summer Interactive No Print

Fun in the Sun Language Activities

Camping with Questions Yes/No Wh-questions for Speech Therapy

Ocean Animals Facts: Receptive/Expressive Language Activities K-6th

Speech & Language BUNDLES

Soaking Up Summer With Speech & Language No Prep Summer Pack Grades K-4th

Two Scoops of Speech & Language: An Ice Cream Themed Activity Packet

Hear it, See it, Say it: Fun in the Sun Seek & Find

Hear it, See it, Say it: Let’s Go Camping

Ladybug Printable Speech & Language Activities FREEBIE

Summer Fun Pack for Speech & Language Therapy or classroom fun

Speech Therapy Oceans of Fun Bundle

Book Companions

The Rainbow Fish Speech & Language Companion Grades K-5th

The Rainbow Fish Phonemic Awareness Pack

Phonemic Awareness Activity for The Rainbow Fish FREEBIE

Lisa the Lifeguard- Interactive Story & Comprehension Activities

Over in the Meadow: A Book Companion

Story Companion- The Big Wide Mouthed Frog

Giraffes Can’t Dance Speech Therapy Book Companion

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell: A Book Companion for Language

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell Language Unit

Smiley Speech Therapy Book Companion

There was an old lady who swallowed a shell: Speech & Language Activities


S’mores, Beach and Lemonade Crafts for Mixed Groups

Summer Craftivity Worksheets

Father’s Day Speech, Language & Articulation Themed Unit with crafts

Craftivity Vocabulary Activities Summer Theme

Sensory Bin Companions

Summer Sensory Bin Companion for Articulation & Language

 Extension Activities for Home Practice

Summer Homework Packet for Speech & Language Therapy Grades Prek-5

Summer Worksheets HW Pack for Speech Therapy

Preschool Speech & Language Summer Homework Packet

Common Core Summer Packets for Speech & Language Grades k-5th

Summer Articulation Homework Packet

Summer Language Homework Packet

Summer Homework Calendars for Speech, Articulation, Language & Fluency

FREE Summer Speech Homework Calendars for Articulation

Print & Go Summer Camp Speech & Language Homework

FREE Summer Speech Homework Calendards for Language

A Summer of Speech & Language Calendars

Speech & Language HW for the Summer

Summer Preschool Speech & Language Packet: Learning Through Play

PUSH-IN Language Resources

Summer Themed Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guides K-2

Camping Themed Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guides K-2

Beach Themed Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guides K-2

Ice Cream Push-In Language Lesson Plan Guides K-2

Behavior Management

Splish Splash Summer Themed Behavior Management Set

Do you have summer speech therapy activities that you love to use with your students? Leave a comment below or email me at feliceclark@thedabblingspeechie.com, so I can add them to my stash!

Spring Resources For Speech Therapy: A TPT round up of spring themed products

Spring Resources For Speech Therapy: A TPT round up of spring themed products

Spring is here for many folks, so it’s time to start grabbing some spring resources for speech therapy!  I love spring time because the weather is nice and the sunshine is out! Plus, planning therapy is super easy with a spring theme. When I am planning for speech therapy, I look at my caseload’s target areas of need. Then, I pick some themes that I want to use to target their goals. It makes searching for themed therapy items a lot easier when I know what I am specifically looking for on social media. To help all my SLP’s out,  I categorized tons of spring resources for speech therapy by target area, so it is easy to find activities that will meet your student’s needs.

Need free and paid TPT resources for spring? There are links to tons of resources all categorized by target area.

Let’s get a head start on planning therapy before the wave of assessments and IEP’s overtakes our therapy planning time!  Here’s my list of great FREE & PAID spring resources for speech therapy!

Open Ended Games For Speech Therapy

Spring Time Fun with Disappearing Tulips Math Game FREEBIE Grades K-2

Catch A Bug FREEBIE Game

Speech Therapy Spring Reinforcement Pages

FREE Spring Themed Open Ended Board Games Set of 3

Play Ball- A baseball open ended game

Speech With My Peeps- Open Ended Game

Hippity Hop Homework- Spring/Easter Themed Homework Packet (Open Ended)

Quack Go Back FREE Speech Therapy Game for Articulation or Open Ended Fun

Articulation Resources For Speech Therapy

Mini Speech Club Spring Edition

Spring Roll, Say, and Color Articulation

Articulation Flowers Bundle

Bundle Speech Club for Spring L, R, S, Z, SH, TH

Spring Themed Quick Print & Practice Artic L, S , R, TH, & V

Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Spring 4600 words

Spring Print & Go Articulation Pack Bundle

Articulation R, L, TH Baseball Game Bundle

Hanging with my gnomies-Multisyllabic Words Games

Easter K Articulation Game FREEBIE

Easter Roll Say & Color Articulation Fun

Spring Early Developing Sounds Articulation Game

Dot & Go Articulation & Phonology for Spring

Articulation Garden: Interactive Sensory Tub Activity

Grammar Resources for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Pronouns & Prepositions Grades Prek-1st

Spring Time Grammar Grades Prek-6th

Spring Into Grammar Grades K-5th

Spring Complex Sentence Builder Grades 2nd-12th

Spring Sentence Scramble Two Levels Grades 2nd-6th

Sentence Builders Spring Grades Prek-1st

Punctuation Plants Grades 1st-4th

Spring Time Pronouns Grades Prek-2nd

Language Resources for Speech Therapy

Head in the clouds Idioms Activities Grades 4-8

Springtime Grammar & Vocabulary Activities Grades Prek-2nd

Spring Time Idioms Activity Pack FREEBIE Grades 4-8

Take me out to the ball game Idioms Pack Grades 4-8

Head in the clouds idioms story FREEBIE Grades 3-8

Let’s Have A Picnic- An Auditory Memory Activity FREEBIE

Spring Irregular Past Tense Verbs & Plurals Activity Grades 2nd-5th

Spring Synonym & Antonym Activities Grades K-3rd

It’s Raining Idioms: A Figurative Language Activity FREEBIE Grades 3rd-7th

Butterfly Associations for Speech & Language Therapy FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd

Nonfiction Texts with English Language Arts Targets- Spring/Summer Edition Grades K-5th

Spring Up With Language Grades Prek-6th

Butterfly Blitz- Speech & Language Mini Book & Activities Grades Prek-3rd

Spring Time Glyphs Grades K-5th

Spring Time Candy Categories Grades 1st-5th

Speech & Language Thematic Gardening Unit Grades 2nd-5th

Categories in Springtime Printable Activity FREEBIE Grades prek-1st

Butterfly WH-Questions Fun Grades Prek-3rd

Category Flowers Grades K-3rd

Shamrock Following Directions Grades Prek-1st

Magnify-Cent Spring & Summer Prepositions Grades PRek-1st

Spring Figurative Language Grades 3rd-6th

Homophone Garden Game Grades 1st-3rd

Scrambled Eggs for Categorizing: Figurative & Humorous Language Grades 3rd-10th

A March Rhyming Activity Packet: Swing Into Spring Rhyme Time Grades K-4th

Spring Vocabulary With Magic Squares for Older Students Grades 5th-12th

Umbrella Categories Vocabulary & Language Activities Grades Prek-3

Spring Print & Go Language Pack Grades Prek-5th

Earth Day Describe & Sort Language Packet Grades K-4th

Rain Rain Come & Play: Spring Themed Speech & Language Activities Grades Prek-3rd

Full Court Questions: Homework Hoops BUNDLE Questions, Games & Homework Grades Prek-6th

No Print Spring Time Fun Expressive & Receptive Language Grades K-4th

SPRINGO Bingo style cover game about Spring Grades prek-3rd

Speech & Language Baseball Grades 1st-8th

Springing Into Early Language No Print Packet for Speech Therapy Grades Prek-1st

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Speech & Language FREEBIE Grades 1st-5th

Spring Inferencing BINGO Grades K-4th

Life Cycle Sequencing Learning for Butterflies, Plants, Frogs, & Lady Bugs Grades Prek-9th

Spring Word Association FREEBIE

Food Category Sorting Grades Prek-5th

Graphic Organizers: Spring Reading Comprehension, Speech Therapy Grades K-3rd

Spring Language Packet for Expressive & Receptive Language Grades 1-6

Spring Expressive Language Pack Grades K-5th

Spring Attributes Game Compare/Contrast includes a Cariboo option Grades Prek-2nd

The History of the Easter Bunny Grades 1-4th

Spring Barrier Games for Speech & Language Therapy

Caterpillar Categories

Rain Rain Come & Play-Spring Theme Speech & Language Activities Grades Prek-3rd

BEE a Good Listener-Receptive Language Game Grades Prek-3rd

Spring Time Fun Quick Activities Grades K-2nd

Spring Time WH-Questions Grades Prek-6th

Full Court Questions- Homework Hoops BUNDLE Questions Game Grades Prek-6th

Five Green and Speckled Frogs- Nursery Rhyme Activities 2-Pack Grades Prek-1st

Frogs & Flies Quantity Concepts More/Less/Altogether Grades Prek-1st

Feed the Caterpillar Basic Concepts Grades Prek-1st

Easter BINGO Riddles Grades Prek-4th

Spring Speech Vocabulary Games- St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring Grades K-4th

Interactive Activities for Speech Therapy

Spring Early Language File Folder Activities Grades Prek-3rd

Interactive Vocabulary Books: Eggs & Bunnies prek-1st

Feed the bunny file folder activity

Easter Early Language File Folder Activities

Social Skills Resources for Speech Therapy

3 Strikes You’re Out Problem Solving Perspective Taking Activities Grades 4-8

Roll A Topic Spring FREEBIE Grades Prek-2nd

Springs Feelings Packet

Craftivities for Speech Therapy

Grow A Flower Craftivity For Speech Therapy

I Spy Nature Walk BINGO Book and book template FREEBIE

Ants Go Marching Craftivitiy FREEBIE

Spring Craftivity Worksheets Pack

Spring Craftivity Worksheets Grades Prek-8th

Spring Craftivity and Word Game FREEBIE Grades 1st-5th

Speech and Language Bundles

Springtime Themed No Prep Speech and Language Activities Grades K-4th

Blooming Into Speech & Language No Prep Pack Grades K-4th

Spring Speech & Language Therapy Homework BUNDLE Grades K-8th

Earth Day Extravaganza Speech & Language Packet Grades Prek-4th

Spring Themed Speech & Language Packet Grades Prek-7th

Spring NO PREP Speech Therapy Activities Grades K-5th

Spring Speech Homework BUNDLE

Rainy Day Language & Articulation Printables Grades Prek-5th

Speech & Language Receptive and Expressive Activity BUNDLE Grades K-5

Spring Speech & Language BUNDLE

Spring Speech & Language SUPER BUNDLE Grades Prek-6th

Hop Into Spring Speech & Language Bundle #2

Speech & Language Spring Bundle

Easter Eggstravaganza- Concepts Speech, Language & Literacy Packet Grades Prek-3rd

Spring Fun Pack for Speech & Language Therapy Grades K-4th

Book Companions for Speech Therapy

Move Over Rover Speech & Language Book Companion Grades K-4

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs book companion Grades prek-3rd

3 Billy Goats Gruff Speech & Language Companion Pack Grades PreK-3rd

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick Activities Grades Prek-2nd

Hopper Hunts for Spring A Book Companion Grades K-5th

Giggle Giggle Quack Book Companion Grades K-3rd

One Rainy Day: A (Mostly) No Print Book Companion Pack Grades 1st-5th

April Book Club BUNDLE

From Tadpole to Frog: A Book Companion

From Caterpillar to Butterfly- Book Companion about Butterflies

May book Club BUNDLE

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick Speech & Language Story Activities

Resources for Better Speech & Hearing Month

Better Speech & Hearing Month Awareness Packet FREEBIE

Mouth Craftivity & Bulletin Board

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Interactive Flip Books For Articulation Therapy!

interactive flipbooks long pinI am super excited about my newest series of Interactive Articulation Flipbooks!  At my elementary charter site, I have a lot of articulation goals, so these are going to help my kiddos stay engaged and work on their goals!  My students LOVE using dry erase markers, especially my middle school students.  It got me thinking about how to incorporate dry erase markers more in my lessons and that’s how my Interactive Flip Books were created! Print the pages on card stock and laminate for durability.  Use a dry erase marker to let kids write on the pages in the flipbook and the erase to use again and again. 

I plan on making articulation flipbooks for all the sounds, but started with the ones I needed the most for my caseload! Psst…f,v,sh,ch are coming up next!  When I arrived at my elementary charter site this year, there were NO materials.  That’s right, NOT-TA! So, I want to make a comprehensive set in the event that I will need more sounds in the future.  Ideas for Language Flipbooks have been swirling around in my head and I will one day get to actually creating them.  Until then, I want to share the latest round of books with you!

s-blend flipbook pic

My /S,L,R/ BLENDS interactive articulation flipbooks include word lists, word lists with pictures, fill in the blank words, fill in the blank phrases and picture scenes to target those sounds at the multiple sentence level.

r flipbook pic

I have 2nd-4th grade that are working on /r/ and are able to read, so I made a set that is for your reader group.  Hoping to add the vocalic /r/’s soon!  There are word lists, fill in phrases, sentences and stories.  This is great for those that do “quick artic”.  Snag that set HERE!

k, g flipbook pic

My /K,G/ interactive books are filled with word lists, word lists with pictures, fill in the blank words, phrases and picture scenes.  I have 3 little ones on my caseload that are going to love using these and will get in lots of repetitions in the process.

blend flipbook 2 picI have been hanging some of my frequently used books on my whiteboard with these cool metal hooks from amazon. Best product ever!!  I put them on my file cabinet too, so I can hang task cards and my flipbooks!

Check out my youtube video to see it in action!

Since creating this post, I have added more Interactive Flipbooks because my students are loving them.

11204935_677627939027057_7300894024080275766_nI am hoping to finish up all the sounds and then I am moving on to some fun language flipbooks!!  What do you think?

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