All About VERBS Interactive Book!

Slide1I am on a roll with these interactive flip books!  My students have been enjoying them and I wanted to make a “verb” version for one of my pre-k kiddos.  The other kids in the group are working on /k,g/, /s-blends/ and /l-blends/, so he would be left in the cold without one because he has language goals!

You can grab this pack here!

verbs flipbook 1This book has tabs to help navigate through to the different activities.  There is an action section with matching, a fill in the blank section to work on is/are, a phrase section to work on “verbs” and pronouns and my favorite part……picture scenes to see how they carry over that skill!

verb flip book 2Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.  Grab a dry erase marker and let the kids have some fun!  What kid doesn’t LOVE dry erase markers!?  You can re-use this over and over with your students.  What do you think?

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All About VERBS: Printable Verb Flashcards

print n' go verb flashcards

I always manage to have at least one kiddo working on grammar/morphology and building vocabulary, so I needed some printable verb flashcards that are fun & help me take good data.   I have a little friend on my caseload working on pronoun + is/are + present progress and thought a set of printable verb flashcards would be perfect to target his goal!  My two other students in the group have phonology goals and I have been using my Print N’ Go Phonology Flashcards with them.  It has been great having everyone do the same type of activity, but each targeting their specific goals.

printable verb flashcardsHave the students play charades with their flashcards or color while you target answering “who” action questions.  I love how I can incorporate other vocabulary from the pictures and adjectives if the students color the people in!

printable verb flashcardsThis next set of flashcards requires a little bit of prep.  These are cut n’ glue present progressive verb flashcards.  There are 20 “action” cards for “HE”, “SHE” and “THEY”.  So, you are able to target pronouns, is/are verb agreement and present progressive!  The student finds the action and then glues it to the correct sentence.  Once he has glued all his cards, you can hole punch and send home for review or store in the speech room as a warm up activity.

There is a template for students to make “action” books too.  Add this set to your speech therapy material toolbox.

You can grab this pack in my TPT store!

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Grammar And Vocabulary Activities For The Winter Season

Grammar And Vocabulary Activities For The Winter Season

winter grammar and vocab long pin

Thanksgiving has ended and it’s time to bring out the sweater, scarfs, boots and gloves because the winter season has arrived.  In Sacramento, we are finally getting some rain and the mornings and evenings have been chilly.  Looking forward to curling up with a blanket and a good book over the holiday break.  I created some grammar and vocabulary activities for the winter season to make therapy planning easy!

winter grammar and vocabulary activitiesMy winter packs have matching cards, so you can play go fish, memory or the flash light game with a fun winter theme while practicing verb actions and simple pronoun + is +verb-ing.

winter grammar and vocabulary activitiesI love having a visual picture board that I can ask wh-questions such as “who is wearing skates?” to receptively target comprehension of actions and vocabulary.  Students can also make sentences, follow directions with spatial concepts or describe people by attributes.

winter grammar and vocabulary activitiesThere are vocabulary cards to practice comparing and contrasting how winter items are similar and different.  I have also included stimulus cards for third person singular and singular/plural markers.  There is also a winter category visual poster to work on words that are in the winter season!  This set has you covered with LOTS of visuals, so it is easy to use with all levels.

seasonal bundleIf you like what you see, grab my year round seasonal bundle for your caseload by clicking the photo above!  Hope you snag this during the TPT cyber sale.  My whole store will be on sale and if you use the cyber code TPTCYBER to get 28% off ALL of my products!

Autumn Printable Worksheets: A No Prep, Print N’ Go Resource!

autumn no prep pack long pin

I finally finished my newest autumn printable worksheets pack! I love that all printable worksheets are no prep, black and white, so you can print n’ go.  This is the peak time for IEP’s and assessments, so my autumn printable worksheets are going to help me plan therapy quickly!  When you have to prep LESS, you have more time to finish writing IEP’s.

autumn printable activitiesCategories, grammar, synonyms, fluency, social skills, articulation, comprehension, and fun games are all in this pack!  You will be able to find an activity for just about everyone on your caseload.   This pack is designed for kindergarten-4th grade, but I have been using some of the comprehension sheets with my middle school students as a warm up activity to make sure they really know what the wh-question words mean and how to search for information in a passage.

autumn printable activities

There are cut and glue activities, print n’ go puppets (all you  need is popsicle sticks and tape) for the 5  little pumpkin song, Thanksgiving and Fall season.  There are multiple meaning sheets, synonyms, and thematic BINGO activities.  There are also some articulation sheets that are perfect for homework as well as reinforcer games/sheets to use with any speech and language target.  The coolest part of this pack is that I was able to make some sheets editable, so you could add in targets that are specific to your students.

I bought these reusable pocket charts (amazon affiliate link included) to use with dry erase markers and my worksheets.

autumn printable activitiesI love that if I can’t get to the copier, I can quickly print a worksheet or activity and be able to reuse the worksheet for many groups.  I got 10 of these in a pack, so I have enough for each of my sites.  The kids really like using the dry erase markers and I am finding there is less grumbling with my middle school students when I use them.

I am back with a little youtube video on how to assemble the pumpkin craft in my pack.  I tried out my talents using imovie on my IPAD, so forgive me if it’s not the best!
What do you all think?  I know IEP season is just beginning, so this will be such the time saver for my room.  The first three folks to leave a comment will get this pack for FREE!

Grammar Task Cards Back To School Challenge Set

back to school full set long image

I hope all of you folks had a great time during the SLP Back To School Blog Hop and got lots of great FREEBIES for your speech room.  Several of you requested an extended version of my Grammar Challenge Cards and I couldn’t resist!  You can grab my FREEBIE set to try this activity out with your students.

Using task cards in therapy is a great way to assess how a student is doing with a skill that you may have been working on in previous sessions.  This is an activity that many classroom teachers use, so by using task cards in therapy, you are also supporting the student’s curriculum.  It is also an easy way to take data and use as a warm up before diving into a different activity.

40 back to school task cardsThere are 40 grammar challenge cards in this full set with a student record sheet for students to write their sentences.  Visual supports are on each card. These cards can be differentiated to each student’s level so that they can just write a sentence about the picture if they are unable to make more complex sentences.  I decided to print my cards on card stock, laminate and then hole punch in the corner, so that I could hold them on a key ring.

Back To School review game post

There is a Grammar Challenge Game included to play to check for understanding and generalization of skills taught.  It is fun to play in teams and simultaneously work on “team work”, “problem solving”, and accepting other people’s answers.  Students pick a category and have to answer the question under that category.  If they get the answer correct, they earn the amount of points in that category.  Team with the most points wins!!  Here is a quick tip when using this pack.  If you are low in ink, paper, etc., just email this pack to your email and then download it on your IPAD through your email.  You can then view the pages using ibooks.  I plan on playing this Grammar Game using my IPAD!

I hope you love it.  I am digging all the Common Core standards it is covering.  It has also been helping me see what my kids can and can’t do, so that I can fill in the gaps!  Get your set on my TPT store!

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Apple Pickin’ Season is here & GIVEAWAY!!

Apple season is here!  I love the Fall season in Sacramento because we have SO many trees, the climate gets cooler and it’s time to take a trip to Apple Hill in Placerville, CA with the family to get apples, and eat yummy comfort food like cobblers, carmel apples and tasty hot cider.  My newest pack is inspired by my family’s new tradition!


I have a lot of students who are working on building their mean length of utterance and have difficulties with using the correct grammar.  So, I thought I would make a set with apples as the season for all things “apples” is upon us.   To be honest, I had been working on this pack over the summer and frantically finished it before the BIG Back To School TPT sale for all of you.  Well, school started in August for me and I have not had a chance to print this pack out until this weekend!  The IEP season for me has started and will be going full force till Thanksgiving break.

Apple Picking Parts of Speech PREVIEW

This pack is filled with activities to work on adjectives, pronouns, is/are, singular/plural, third person singular, past/present and prepositions!  It is huge!!


Here is a photo of my visual sentence strip to work on she/he and has/have for my students on the autism spectrum and little kindergarteners.  I printed, laminated and put velcro on the back, so that I could store all the pictures in one place.  Looking forward to using this in the weeks to come.

photo (2)

Here is my singular/plural visual poster with my fill in the blank cards with visual pictures to help those little ones who are reading just yet!


Can’t have a material pack from The Dabbling Speechie without an open ended card game!  My Sweet Apple Cider Card Game is perfect to use with any speech or language target.  Be the first player to get enough apples to make some yummy, sweet apple cider.  The first player to collect 10 apples wins the game.  Watch out for those rotten apples because then you have to put a card back!  If you found a tree with lots of apples, you get an extra turn for picking yummy sweet apples.  You can grab my pack on my TPT store! Enter my giveaway below!! Three lucky winners will receive this pack! Hope you are having a great start to the Fall season!!

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