Getting Started with AI Tools for Speech Therapy With Daj Mitchell

Getting Started with AI Tools for Speech Therapy With Daj Mitchell

In this episode of the Real Talk SLP, Felice welcomes Daj Mitchell, a seasoned Speech-Language Pathologist who loves using artificial intelligence to streamline her caseload management tasks in the school setting. Daj shares her journey with getting started using AI tools for speech therapy to help her save time and brain energy with tasks like progress notes, IEPs, documentation, speech therapy planning, parent handouts and more! She encourages SLPs to get started using AI tools to get make some of their time and reduce stress!

What We Discuss About AI Tools for Speech Therapy in This Episode:

Get tips for how to use chatgpt with your speech therapy caseload and more AI tools!
  • Daj’s Journey to AI: Learn about Daj’s professional background and her path to integrating AI tools into her school-based practice.
  • The Challenges of the SLP Workload: Daj shares insights into the common hurdles SLPs face, from scheduling and planning therapy to handling IEPs and Medicaid billing.
  • AI Solutions for SLPs: Examples of how AI tools like ChatGPT can revolutionize caseload management by automating tasks such as generating homework assignments, creating parent handouts, and collaborating with teachers.
  • End-of-Year Reflection: Daj reveals her song of the year, “Work,” by Rihanna, which encapsulates her busy yet rewarding year.

Key Takeaways About AI Speech Therapy Tools:

  • Practical AI Uses: Daj provides tangible examples of AI in action, enhancing productivity and fostering better collaboration with educational staff.
  • Advice for Tech-Anxious SLPs: Tips on starting small with user-friendly AI tools and overcoming tech intimidation.
Get tips for how to get started using AI speech therapy tools to help you save time and brain energy!

Upcoming LIVE Webinar with Daj!

AI speech therapy tools webinar with Daj Mitchell for ChattED PD.

Don’t miss Daj’s upcoming webinar in June, where she will discuss practical AI applications for SLPs in more detail. Join the ChattED PD membership to watch her webinar and get your clinical maintenance hours with PD that will help you boost your clinical skills and confidence.

Resources Mentioned:

Links and Closing Thoughts:

Check out the power of AI speech therapy tools that will you with caseload management tasks.

Closing Thoughts:

Be the SLP that every kid wants to see. Embrace technology to make your professional life easier and more effective. Join us next time on the Real Talk SLP podcast for more caseload management tips and therapy ideas!

Getting Started with AI Tools for Speech Therapy With Daj Mitchell

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