Play Based Speech Therapy Toy Companion Cheat Sheets Vol.1


The cheat sheets are aligned with ❤️evidence-based practices for play-based intervention, vocabulary, and grammar❤️.

Make your play-based speech therapy sessions stress-free with these volume 1 toy companion cheat sheets!


The speech therapy cheat sheets guide the SLP during play therapy so that you don't have to worry about remembering targets to use with the toys (that's the cheat sheet's job!)


HelpUTalk said, "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE?! This is a game changer for quick therapy guide and also to use to coach/carryover skills into the classroom. Sometimes it is a struggle of teaching classroom aides HOW to play with the students and what different skills they can use/incorporate instead of doing the same thing with the same vocab all day. This is so user friendly, thorough, and age-appropriate and I cannot wait to share it in the classrooms next year! I wish I had this at the beginning of the year."


Amy S. said, "This is such an amazing resource! It takes all the brain work out of planning for therapy and is so nice to share with families too!"


Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) know how to plan therapy with speech therapy toys and games for various skills, but it can be exhausting to remember ALL the targets during the session.


These ❤️toy companion cheat sheets❤️ are designed for the busy SLP as a reference guide to use during their play-based speech therapy session. When running mixed groups, it is hard to remember all the targets you can use with one toy. These toy companions will help the SLP pick and use targets during therapy.


Not only will you save time planning play-based speech therapy sessions, but you will also save time finding toys, as toy suggestions are linked for all the cheat sheets!


⭐Using one toy across many sessions will help cut down lesson planning time while improving the effectiveness of your play-based therapy session. ⭐There are blank cheat sheets in a separate PDF that you can customize for your students and the toys you enjoy using in your therapy room.


The cheat sheets are aligned with ❤️evidence-based practices for play-based intervention, vocabulary, and grammar❤️.


Each toy companion cheat sheet has over 24 unique verbs listed to help the SLP use those verbs during each session and other articulation and language targets. Each cheat sheet includes ten additional activities the SLP can do with the toy.


The SLP can use the toy companion cheat sheets as speech therapy handouts for parents to show them how they can use the toys to help promote speech and language development with their child at home.


Check out how Jayde uses the handouts with her early intervention families, This resource was the best! I used these handouts to provide to my early intervention families. I would send my families a handout before the session so they were able to collect the play items. These handouts really helped families guide their "playing" and to target a variety of goals while doing so! Also, a great way to help facilitate the coaching model with families!


The cheat sheets guide all the articulation and language skills a parent can target at home. It could be overwhelming for the parent to see all these skills that the SLP can model one skill at a time during therapy sessions.


With a two-page cheat sheet guide for nine commonly used speech therapy toys, you will feel confident providing effective and engaging play-based intervention for your preschool through second-grade students.


This is a winzip file, including the printable PDF file for all nine cheat sheets in one file, including the EBP information, editable PDF template, and links to speech therapy toys.


The Winzip file also includes each 2-page toy companion so you can easily send the one speech therapy handout to families. You need an unzipping file software to access these PDF files separately.


Volume 1 Toy Speech Therapy Cheat Sheets Included:


⭐Editable PDF for creating your toy speech therapy cheat sheets

⭐Information about play-based speech therapy and evidence-based practices for vocabulary, grammar, and basic concepts intervention

⭐Cover Sheet for the Toy Companion Cheat Sheets to put in a binder (two versions)

⭐Table of contents to reference page numbers with printable binder tabs and binder spines

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Bubbles

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Playdough

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Cars

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for a Farm Toy Set

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Play Food Toy Set

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Trains

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for a Dollhouse or Toy House

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Stacking Cups

⭐Toy Companion Cheat Sheet for Pet Hospital



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