If you aren’t sure where to get started with making sensory bins for your speech therapy groups, you need the Ultimate Sensory Bin Guide (it’s free!)

Inside the free sensory bin guide, you will have links to the best bins, fillers and materials to make engaging sensory bins for speech therapy.

Plus, you won’t have to hunt around on Pinterest for sensory bin ideas because they are all listed in the guide. And, you also get visual supports for helping your students learn how to use a sensory bin.

Part of the free sensory bin guide comes with printables that you can use with your bins!

You will save time and stress having this handy speech therapy resource at your finger tips. Grab it below. 

Know exactly how to make a sensory bin for your speech therapy caseload.

My Top Favorite Sensory Bin Materials

If you are just getting started with making sensory bins, you want a sturdy bin that has latches to prevent spills from happening when you travel. The sterilite 15 quart bin is my fave!


I LOVE cut-up jumbo straws (affiliate link) for a bin because they are easy to clean and go well with many different bins. One of my favorite ways to use jumbo straws is with my ‘I Spy’ sensory bin, which you can check out here

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